Increase Your Referrals, Increase Your Marketing Results With This Little Twist

Alan Boyer

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Whenever you send out your direct marketing next time, send a copy to people you know well, friends, relatives, networking groups, chamber members you work with, committee members, trade association members you know personally, but with a little twist. Send a copy to anyone who knows you well.

If you send them the direct marketing piece it will appear that you are marketing to those that are close to you and, sometimes, that just isn’t taken well, they feel imposed on. But this time, when you send it, attach a post-it note over it, or paper clip a note and wrap it around the top. Either hand write on the post-it, or, as I do, I set up my printer to print 4 on an 8 1/2x11 sheet of paper, cut them out, and attach them to the direct marketing piece. My signature was scanned in so it looks hand signed.

The note looks a little like this:

    Hi John

    I’m doing a seminar that frequently doubles small businesses. If you know of someone who might benefit from attending I’d really appreciate you passing this along.

    Thanks Alan

The marketing brochure stands on its own. I'm just asking if he can pass it on if he knows of someone.

The typical result is

  • I get a lot of referrals, the response rate is much higher for this batch, than the others that go out cold.
  • I am building a reputation, and brand awareness among my friends, co-workers, and miscellaneous committees I work with. They know what I am doing and are referring business even at other times. And they didn’t feel imposed on by my marketing.
  • Many times my friends and co-workers come for their own benefit. They come freely instead of feeling that I imposed on them with my marketing.

Alan Boyer, President/CEO of The Leader’s Perspective, LLC is one of the world’s leading breakthrough specialists. He has worked with some of the worlds largest companies, on projects in the multi-billion dollar area, and with single proprietor companies. He has worked on many hundreds of projects with companies that have resulted in multi-$100 million savings or gains.

With over 35 years of business, quality, and process experience, he has catapulted businesses lightyears ahead in weeks. Some have doubled and some have jumped 10 times. He claims the key to that is:

  • Helping the business owners/employees develop the business skills
  • Helping them overcome the limitations and attitudes that they built between their ears (the self imposed limitations, I can’t, this won’t work for me, I’m different)
  • By helping them find the breakthroughs in their business and thinking

Helping Companies Worldwide Reach Further Than They EVER Thought possible…. FASTER


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