It's An Incredible Marketing Technique That Always Works

Jeff Smith

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After 5+ years of online marketing and too many years marketing offline to mention without sounding too old here - one marketing technique stands out from all the rest.

This one single technique has turned struggling businesses into massive success stories, resulted in the top 10% of high achieving sales people and real estate agents, and will work to help you get double, even triple the sales from the same amount of effort.

Am I talking about niche marketing?

Yes, focusing on a specific niche market is important, but that's not it.

Writing great copy, yup, pretty important too, but that's not it either.

Designing powerful minisites that convert visitors into customers, now we're getting closer, but still not there.

Ok, enough teasing.

The one single most powerful, important and fundamental web marketing lesson of all is. . .



It's the most universally accepted concept in sales, the more times someone is exposed to a strong message or product, the more chance they will buy.

In the offline sales world, its called persistence.

And best of all - its incredibly simple, yet highly effective to use.

The picture of persistence you have in your mind are no doubt negative. The jerk who continues to call you again and again - at dinner time no less - about their long distance program, even after you already ditched that company a few months ago because their service sucked.

That's likely your memory of persistence - but don't blame persistence for flat out shitty marketing. Fact is, shitty marketing is even more rotten when you are exposed to it multiple times.

Ah. . . but good marketing becomes GREAT marketing when the right audience is exposed multiple times.



What if you could get permission from your prospect to contact them regularly for the next 2-3 weeks, each day being able to talk to them about the problems and challenges they are experiencing in their own language.

Hey, what if you could even dream a little with them - share your thoughts, passions, beliefs and ultimate dreams in line with your prospects?

Then, once you have gained strong rapport, your credibility is much higher and your prospect is really connected with what you are saying, you can offer them a way to get what they want very badly.

Even better. . . you can show them how others have gotten from where your prospect is right now to where they want to be.

Do you know another way to automatically get more people to buy from you without you having to use any extra energy or skill?

How much do you want in extra sales?

If you're generating $500/month today, would immediately doubling that be of interest to you?

What about your $2,500 a month turning into $5,000 or $10,000/month?

Now we're talking right?

To make this happen - you must create a follow-up sequence (course, minicourse, autoresponder, tipsheet, etc. . . ) that establishes rapport, instantly gains you credibility, takes your prospect from where they are to where they want to be.

Is it difficult to do?

Quite frankly, yes!

99% of the follow up sequences businesses use today are simply NOT effective - even doing more harm than good.


You understand the value of time?

When you are starting or building your business, time and timing is critical. You can't afford to spend money and time testing everything - so when you have the opportunity to tap into a template, a coookie cutter approach to accelerate your marketing results, it really is like gold isn't it?

For a small group of us who have stumbled upon this remarkable formula for developing follow-up email sequences, the results have been astounding - tripling of response in my own case.

Isn't automating your income stream what it is all about?

Using the formula provided by Automated Income Streams (, you really can realize some of the freedom everyone talks about but very few actually realize in their own businesses.

Remember the purpose of your minicourse - its not just to inform, throw out content, or blindly send stuff to your prospects.

Instead, your minicourse is your way of connecting with your market, setting them up for your offer, telling them you understand how they feel, know what they want and can give it to them with added proof.

Purposeful persistence using Automation really is the MOST important online marketing lesson of all!

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