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Tammy Ames

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Niche marketing is the buzz word on the internet but has long held the attention of all advertising and marketing professional in the everyday world of television and radio, even newspapers. If you watch a television show with a large audience of middle aged physically active men, you will find that the commercials aired during that time frame are specifically geared to these men.

Think about the Super Bowl. Consider the hype of the unique and yes, very expensive, advertising campaigns that are aired during a football game that is watched by 144.4 million viewers. Yes men and women of all ages and walks of life watch the Super Bowl so there is a variety of ad campaigns but you will see who the marketers are trying to reach – especially with car commercials!

The same niche marketing mindset works online as well. Know your customers. Know how to find them. Go where they are then connecting with them in a memorable way.

From cell phones to SUV’s even shampoo ~ big business is willing to pay millions to connect with their potential customers. How are you going to even begin to compete with such fierce competition? Don’t even try.

Find your fit.

Think of yourself as the small specialized downtown shop that is up against the super sized mall across town.

You don’t need to have high tech advertising solutions to create a niche marketing plan that works. It sounds over simplified but know yourself, know your product and know your customers. Better yet ~ find your fit!

What are your strengths? What is it about your strengths that will answer your customer’s needs or wants? Your strengths become the focus of your niche marketing efforts. You. Your expertise, your customer service, your relationship with your visitors and customers…they all come together to create a niche for you whether it’s online or locally in your home town.

Remember: Be unique. Be Creative. Keep it Simple. Keep it Memorable. Encourage referrals and reward those customers that send others your way. Build your customer base one customer at a time. Infuse your business with fun and intensity. Make your passion part of everything you touch with your business.

That little dress shop on the downtown corner that is thriving has found their fit amongst all the big high fashion stores because they cater to the unique needs of their customers.

Find your own fit.

Develop your niche, know your niche market and meet their needs. Have a game plan that meets your goals but also fulfills the unmet needs of your customers. Not just with products and services but with relationships that last. You will flourish as a business owner and your business with thrive.

Tammy Ames is the owner of WAHM Connections . A growing and dynamic online business resource geared toward successfully building your home business.


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