How To Get To The Point In Your Sales Copy

Craig Garber

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Yesterday I was going through a 7-Step Sales Copy Overhaul with a client of mine - - and he was having a bit of a problem “describing" what he was selling. He couldn't seem to find the right sales copy so he could “get to the point" describing himself or his selling process.

Frankly, he was selling himself short, by cutting his sales copy and his descriptions short, because he wanted to make sure he was “getting to the point" quickly enough.

You see, we've all been conditioned throughout our lives, to. . . “get to the point".

Early on in your career when you first started selling, your prospects knew they had leverage over you and so they demanded you “got to the point".

When you were little and you were trying to explain away one of your episodes of mis-behavior, your mom or your dad would say “Come on, get to the point. "

And while “getting to the point" may be all well and good when the person you're speaking to, actually understands what the point is. . .

Getting to the point too quickly in your sales copy, usually leads to. . .


See, my client is a bright guy. . . he has an excellent understanding of his own product. . . and he was keenly aware of what he was missing - but he just couldn't put his finger on exactly how to fill in the gaps and what to fill them in with.

And because he was concerned about “getting to the point" - and because by nature he tended to be on the quiet side. . . he wound up short-cutting critical descriptions about the products he was selling.

When I asked him to give me verbal descriptions though, he was right on the money.

All he needed to do, in this case, was NOT be so worried about getting to the point, and instead just sell the thing.

You've got to remember - while you certainly don't want to “waste" any words. . . for the most part, your prospect DOESN'T have the foggiest idea what you're talking about in the first place unless you tell them.

Don't be SO pre-occupied with “getting to the point", you take too many short cuts and your prospect winds up with no idea of what you're even selling.

The truth is, you DO need to have longer conversations with your prospects, educating them and empathizing with them. . . and that's why (good) long sales copy outpulls (lesser quality)

shorter sales copy.

The trick is, just be entertaining along the way, and of course, never. . . EVER. . .commit the cardinal sin of marketing, which is. . .being. . . boring.

Now go sell something,

Craig Garber

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