Marketing Advice: Powerful Tips for Maximizing Your Success

Maya Bailey, Ph.D.

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What is Success to You?

In my 10 years of experience in coaching my clients to maximize their success, I have created powerful tips to help you accelerate your progress. The first of these is for you to get clear on exactly what “success" means to you. I can't tell you how many agents I have worked with who have a general idea that they want to be successful but they don't really know where they want to be professionally in 12 months from now.

Ideal Business Visualization

Usually I help my clients get clear by giving them an “Ideal Business Visualization". I ask them to visualize themselves doing work they love, the number of hours they would like to do it, who they want to be interacting with and the level of income they'd like to be making. This takes the mystery out of “success" and they become crystal clear on how they would know if they were successful. I ask them to write down their desired income and the number hours per week that they are willing to work. Then I ask them “how committed are you to reaching your goals". The ones that answer 100% are the ones who have a 100% chance of achieving what they want. COMMITMENT is the determining factor. What is your commitment level?

What do you want to manifest in 12 mo. ?

I also ask my clients what they would like to manifest in their personal lives in 12 months from now. They usually take a good look at the area of relationships, fun and recreation and their own sense overall health and well being. It becomes apparent then that balance between personal and professional lives is crucial for a successful long term career in real estate. For example, no one wants to become wildly successful at the expense of their marriage and family.

Read Part 2 of this article for more powerful tips to make marketing easy and effective.

by Maya Bailey, Ph. D.

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