How Innovative Promotional Products Can Get Consumers Working For You

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There are more promotional products out there than you can shake a stick at so how do you choose the one thats right for you?

The key is to find a product that, whilst leaving a lasting impression, fits harmoniously with your company’s profile – should you go for quirky and fun or conservative and practical. Many companies find the plethora of products available daunting to say the least and turn to standard promotional fare to save time.

This can be a big mistake. These items say alot about your business and the way you present yourself and are as important as any other form of advertising. The goal should be to find the best product available for the budget allowed – always bearing in mind that there are costs involved with distributing these products to consumers. In addition, try to choose products that are useful and liable to be seen often by your target audience.

Most important of all, though, is to distribute a product that gets the targeted consumer’s attention, holds their attention and gets them working for you without even knowing it. In short – use a product that is worthy of being shown to others.

One of the most innovative promotional products falling into that category is the Flagpen and is a shining example of what can be acheived with a little lateral thinking.

The quirky ballpoint pen cunningly hides a full-colour, double-sided promotional information sheet within the barrel. The sheet is 180mm by 70mm, onto which an incredible amount of information can be printed - combining the two sides together you have almost the equivalent of a full-colour 1/3 page magazine advert coiled up inside the barrel of a pen!

The beauty of items like the Flagpen lies in the self-promotion of the product itself – it works for you!

When a potential client sees a print advert, they alone see it. When they receive an innovative promotional product, they show it to others because it is such a quirky, fascinating product. These items get kept for weeks, months, years and shown or seen by any number of people – almost all of which would not otherwise have been privy to your message.

For the same cost as a single print advertisment or flyer, you could hand out items like the Flagpen and reach a much larger audience. Each time the pen is used, your information is at their fingertips – whether a special offer, calendar, map, price list, timetable, fixture lists or any other information.

Of course its one thing to grab their attention but it’s up to you to make the most of it. The message needs to be clear, concise and, above all, liable to impress the consumer enough to do business with you. Advertising and promotion is nothing without a return on the investment and a quirky, practical and interesting promotional product is consistently proven to reach a far wider audience than any print advertisement.

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