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How to Get a 1,420% Return (Yes 1,425%) on Your Marketing Dollars

Peter Kirkham

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There's still huge returns available for a quality sales letter campaign.

Several years ago I decided to run a sales letter campaign to acquire more customers and grow the business

At the time I had not done anything like this before so I was a complete amateur.

An associate of mine referred me to his brother who was an ex newspaper journalist trying to kick start a career in direct mail copywriting.

He suggested that I use the ‘hook, line & sinker’ series of sales letters as it works very well for a service based business.

So that's what I did.

The letters had my photo printed top right only because I'm extremely good looking.

All 3 letters were written using the AIDA formula.

AIDA is short for -

Attention - a strong headline is an absolute necessity for any direct marketing copy. It needs to jump off the page, grab the reader by the throat, rip him out of his chair & pull him head first into the letter. That's what a headline should do.

Interest - The headline needs to be followed by some attention grabbing bullet points crammed with every benefit you can think of.

Details - Compelling copy that stirs the emotions and commits the reader to purchase. Precise details of exactly what you're offering/selling.

Action - Call to action. Include a powerful reason for the reader to call you. You may wish to offer a gift, or 20% off for the first 20 respondents, or buy 1 get one free for the first 20 respondents, etc, etc.

Letter No 1:

Letter No 1 had a small fish hook stuck to the top with sticky tape with the caption -

“I suppose you're wondering why I stuck a fish hook on this letter, well it was to get your attention".

The letter was three pages long and included a FREE Printing Guide that explained how easy it is to save money on company printing.

Letter No 2:

Two weeks after the first letter went out, I sent letter no 2. It had a short piece of fishing line stuck to the top with the inscription -

“Now you have the hook and the line, sinker to follow"

This letter went on to say -

“I'm just following up on the letter I sent to you a couple of weeks ago because I really wanted you to have the FREE Printing Guide that I enclosed"

“Obviously you did not receive it so I have enclosed another copy of our FREE Printing Guide"

Then more bullet points, compelling copy, details and the call to action.

Letter No 3:

Sent two weeks after the second letter, the third letter went out.

It was shorter than the previous letters and went along the lines of -

"This is the third letters I have sent to you and I haven't heard back, I'm disappointed. If you're really not interested in our benefit, benefit, benefit then I'll leave you alone"

"No I Won't - if you call today I'll give you gitf, gift, gift. "

The letters went to the CEO's of 1,000 fairly large companies and the results of this campaign were as follows -

The total cost of the exercise including the copywriting, printing, postage list rental was $16,000.00

The total sales to date from the customers I acquired through this campaign is $245,000.00. One of these customers is now my biggest. So, don't ever think the sales letter is dead.

That's a 1,425% Return on investment!!

With a good list, quality copywriting and an innovative approach there are big profits to be made with this strategy.

Here's some more information about Using Printed Documents in your marketing mix.

Peter Kirkham is a Qualified Printing Trade Specialist and Commercial Printing Broker with Print Acumen Pty Ltd in Perth, Western Australia.

With over 40 years of industry experience, Peter provides a FREE Printijg Guide that shows you how easy it really is to save a substantial amount of money, time & stress on company printing. His FREE Printing Guide , Printing Secrets Exposed is freely available for everyone to download.


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