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Why Promotional Pens?


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Promotional pens are one of the most common promotional items given to people during events like car shows and trade expos. But while pens may not exactly reflect the type of service given or the product sold by a particular company, their popularity lies on a deeper reason, which will be discussed in this article.

Why Promotional Pens?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, pens may not necessarily reflect a particular company's product or service yet they are popular promotional items. The reason for this is that they are handy and useful.

These two elements make pens great promotional items because since they are handy, people could carry them everywhere. This helps a lot in widening the reach of a product. It was also mentioned that they are useful items. People need to write something down on paper at least once a day and having a pen with a company's logo on it would help people remember that particular company.

Choosing the Right Kind of Pen

There are a wide variety of pens available in the market. It is therefore important to choose the right kind of pen for a target audience. This is an important element to a successful marketing campaign.

Say for example a company wishes to reach the market of business executives. It is important therefore for the company to give more expensive options like fountain pens to their target clients. This kind of measure would create a good impression on the potential clients who will appreciate the gesture of kindness. A different kind of pen of course would appeal to the teenage market, for example. Teenagers won't bite at fountain pens as promotional items. They are, however, more likely to get attracted to pens with more colorful inks.

The point here is that although pens serve the same function regardless of type, the type given away should be one that fits the audience that a company wishes to reach.

When to Give Them Away

Aside from giving pens away during expos, they can also be given as freebies to other products that a company sells. For example, Company A is a paper manufacturer and has recently ventured into making pens. By giving away their pens as freebies, people are made aware by the new product that Company A sells.

No matter how small and insignificant they may look at first, promotional pens can be powerful tools in marketing a company or a product that they sell. Couple this with giving the right kind of pens to the right kind of people, a company will have a combo that will be hard to beat.

Lottie Carrot is an expert in the field of promotional items . Working at Argon Promotions, she specializes in helping companies create brand recognition and value through promotional marketing tools.


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