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When All Else Fails, Give People What They Want


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I was on the phone with my friend and mentor David Garfinkel the other day when he said one of those bone headedly simple things that everyone who tries to sell something *should* know but that almost no one does.

Now, David's a brilliant copywriter and marketer (and regularly slaps me around and makes me get my head straight on the way marketing *really* works in the real world) . . . but the earth shattering little statement he told me was actually a quote that *he* heard from the late, legendary and justifiably notorious Gary Halbert.

And what Gary said was:

"When All Else Fails, Give People What They Want"

I know, it's rocket surgery, right?

But I'm always amazed at how many otherwise smart business folks drive themselves *nuts* and get *no results at all* because they're trying to cram a square offer into a round market (wow, that's a dirty metaphor) . . .because they're trying to sell their product or service on the wrong benefits and emotions all together . . .because they have *no idea* what's actually going on in their market's head . . . or because they think that just because they think something is *cool* that the public is going to gobble it up like hot and delicious cupcakes.

Remember the Segway? It's that nifty little two wheeled, gyroscope powered thing-a-magig that Dean Kamen *really really wanted* to transform the way we move around cities . . . but that the public didn't want at all.

(Note: You can still buy a Segway if you want, but these days it's mostly just used as a golf cart and as a way for cow-eyed college girls to trick you into signing up for new long distance service in downtown Seattle. I'm actually waiting for the Scientologists to get some and to start chasing people down by the mall. )

Does this mean that you have to throw out your product and start from scratch?

Not necessarily (though if you've got something like the Segway, you might consider it. )

But you *do* have to figure out what your market *really* wants and how what you've got to offer gives it to them.

Chris “Mr. Moneyfingers" Haddad is a strategic marketing consultant and direct response copywriter in Seattle, WA. He spends his days helping his clients make ridiculous amounts of money with well chosen words and his nights out on the dance floor looking for love. You can learn more at


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