Using Seminars to Market Your Accounting, Consulting or Tax Practice

Kirk Ward

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Seminar marketing is one of the most productive and cost-effective ways to build your financial practice!

You can:

  • Obtain an implied endorsement of you and your practice through sponsorship
  • Increase your visibility in the community and develop long-term relationships with small businesses organizations
  • Present seminars to large groups of qualified prospects with similar needs
  • Utilize a systematic marketing process
  • Reduce your marketing expenses while increasing your ability to meet qualified, motivated prospects:

  • $4,000 to $8,000 for local media advertising

  • $2,000 to $3,000 for a direct marketing campaign

  • $150-$300 to fill the room at a seminar sponsored by a local organization

    Your Window of Opportunity

    Sponsored seminars are expected to grow 10 to 15% annually for the next decade. The following factors have created greater demand for seminars sponsored by community organizations and financial institutions:

  • Entrepreneurs starting their first business
  • Better managemnt skills needed in an existing business
  • Employee lawsuits threatening business stability scandal
  • Individual business owners seeking financial education
  • Employers evaluating new systems and procedures

    A Better Way Build Your Accounting, Consulting or Tax Practice

    Sponsored seminar marketing provides you with a repeatable, systematic marketing process.

    You can leverage your time and money more effectively to accomplish your most difficult practice building steps listed below:

    1. Prospecting

  • Sponsored seminar marketing puts you in front of more people

  • Sponsored seminars give you credibility through an implied endorsement

  • You can reduce your marketing expenses by 75%-90%

    2. Education

  • Your seminars give you a forum to educate attendees

  • Build trust and rapport in a noncommercial, interactive environment

  • Showcase your expertise and establish your integrity

    3. Data Gathering

  • Performed by the attendee as part of the seminar process

  • Learn techniques that lead to greater than 50% client conversion

    4. Decision Making

  • Streamline the decision-making process

  • Educated prospects understand your recommendations

    5. Implementation

  • Learn how to make a smooth transition from educator to advisor

    6. Client Retention

  • Client appreciation seminars make annual reviews easy and profitable

  • Open new doors to small businesses during the process

    The result - you convert a high percentage of the qualified prospects you meet into lifelong clients.

    You Need A Seminar Marketing Tool Kit

    Your Seminar Marketing Tool Kit should include the following:

  • Sponsor solicitation materials

  • Scripts, checklists, and marketing approaches to open doors to local organizations for sponsorship.

  • Topics for seminar promotion, closing techniques, and specific actions steps to help you implement your marketing strategy right away.

    Kirk Ward provides free marketing resources for accountants, consultants and tax professionals at

    Or, you can visit and tell Kirk what you need to make your professional practice grow.

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