Make Magic with your Marketing in 2006!

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Make Magic #1

Marketing is about making plans, about Goals and Objectives and Strategies. It is about what I call the “what and the how” – the answering of these questions.

  • What is my destination (objective) and how (strategy) will I get there?

  • What action (strategy) will I take to reach that destination (objective)?

  • What steps (goals) are necessary to accomplish these things?

    This process is critical to a successful marketing effort and paramount to your future. Addressing these questions in relation to your Product, Price, Place and Promotion will give you a focused plan of attack on the Competition. Most people do not strategize when they venture into writing a marketing plan; they do not complete their plans and invariably, do not succeed. You need a Competitive Advantage, and this is where you’ll find it.

    Make Magic #2

    Marketing is about the circle being completed, coming back at the end of the year, or sooner, to re-evaluate the progress you are making. Never, I repeat, never leave your plan to chance. By not updating it on a regular basis, you are risking failure. Your Control and Feedback portion of your marketing plan is as critical as the front end planning for what you want to do and how you want to do it.

    Case in Point: I initially set my 2005 Marketing Plan for my book, “Gifts of Sisterhood – a journey on to your own”, that launched in March of this year on a course of bookstores, speaking engagements, book festivals, trade shows and a media blitz. Over the first six months, the feedback I received from satisfied customers was that I had other markets to be addressed in seminars. I had been talking about the logistics of writing the book, the inspiration for writing the book and my marketing plan for the book to mostly women’s groups, my Market Segment.

    Make Magic #3

    I was willing to listen to the customer and get their perspective - Product Development emerged in two seminars: grief support and stop smoking. A whole new area for me in the health and wellness market - Market Development - became apparent. Target Markets developed with the excessive amount of grief today in our country, and the greater awareness of lung cancer and women. My Marketing Plan was adjusted immediately and plans for 2006 are being revamped to include strong Positioning in the health and wellness community.

    Make Magic #4

    There are many Communication Vehicles in marketing. My personal favorite is Public Relations - the key to a successful marketing effort because it can be cost-effective even for the “little guy” like me. I know from personal experience, if you work the Publicity angle correctly you will build a positive image and earn the respect you deserve. Too many people see the PR aspect as a step-child of marketing and get hung-up on the sales portion of their Marketing Plan and think dollars and diamonds all day long.

    Remember, it is your credentials, they come to see and hear, and it is your expertise they must take away. Be sure you make it easy for them to buy. Your Communication Vehicles will make or break everything else because they are the outlet that catches the eye, the heart and soul of the customer. The vast majority of people are visuals, do not insult them – delight them and give them what they want and need! They are already well informed.

    My web site is informational, an image builder and a sales outlet for Distribution in an easy to use format. It is used in lieu of a costly brochure or advertisement. It allows you a preview to my products without boldness and banners. You are referred to an actual sales site for the book www.authorhouse. coim . The customer will buy when they are ready to buy. After being in sales and marketing for almost 25 years, I know one thing for sure – today we are Problem Solvers not Sales People – Customer Relations is the name of the game!

    Best wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

    MISSION…… My mission is to enhance the spirit of the client’s organization. An inspirational speaker, Patricia L. Brooks has contributed to the development of successful women for many years. Patricia L. Brooks Seminars, LLC has 25 plus years of business expertise with keynotes and workshops in Marketing, Human Relations topics, and Grief Support, Anti-Smoking and Writing Workshops through her personal perspective since the launch of her book – Gifts of Sisterhood, ISBN #1-4208-1875-9, a celebration of her sister’s life.

    Patricia is President of the National Association of Women Writers - Scottsdale Chapter, a member of the Phoenix Writers Club, the Arizona Small Business Association and the Arizona Authors Association.

    She has been a university faculty associate for over ten years and is currently teaching Marketing at Arizona State University Polytechnic. Patricia has a Masters Degree in Organizational Management, the Advanced Toastmasters designation and was recently named to Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers. 480-250-5556

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