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OK, so you’ve figured out where your best clients have come from and where your Ideal Clients can be found in large numbers, and inexpensively. It’s time to create a marketing plan that has you focusing on “fishing where the fish are. ” The more focus you have, the better the results.

When coaching clients to do this in private sessions, I ask them to draw a large circle on a blank sheet of paper, and draw 4 lines to create a pie with 8 slices.

Then I ask them to fill out each slice of the pie with what they’re currently doing to attract clients (only the things that really work) and then fill in the rest of the marketing pie with marketing tools we’ve agreed will PULL their clients in. This comes from the list of where their Ideal Clients congregate, remember?

So, the list could look like this:

    Network where they network

    Join associations that allow you to rub elbows with them

    Write articles for the publications they read

    Create a Signature Talk for a workshop/seminar they attend

    List your events in publications they read

    Set up referral partnerships with people they do business with on a regular basis

    Get booked as a speaker for organizations they belong to

    Write articles for websites they visit often or rely upon

    Write an e-zine they would be interested in reading

    Give free (or paid) teleseminars they would dial into

Avoid marketing where your ideal clients are NOT spending time, as you will attract people who DON’T fit that profile.

Know that although you DO want a multi-pronged marketing approach (so that you don’t ever put all your eggs in one basket), you want to take it slow and not try to put into place ALL the pieces of the pie at the same time. You’d overwhelm yourself and exhaust yourself completely, and exhaustion is not very Client Attractive.

So the idea is to start putting a couple of “slices” of the pie in place, to make them run like a well-oiled machine and THEN move on to adding another slice, one at a time.

Your Assignment:

Spend some time thinking about all the different avenues for reaching you target audience with your compelling marketing message and plot it out on a marketing pie. Then start putting one piece of the pie in place, one after the other, until your Marketing Pie is in full swing and always working to help you attract clients. No more ad hoc marketing, with no results.

OK, but what if you haven’t worked out what your compelling marketing message is yet? Or, you don’t quite know where to find them in large numbers… You can get lots of help (with tons of assignments and worksheets, templates, etc. ) on how to do today’s assignment. It’s all in the Client Attraction Home Study System™ and it includes lots of crucial stuff to help you fill your practice really quickly. You can read more about it at www.TheClientAttractionSystem.com.

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Fabienne Fredrickson, The Client Attraction Expert, is founder of the Client Attraction System™, the proven step-by-step program to help you attract more clients, in record time and consistently. To learn more about Fabienne's Client Attraction Home Study System™, sign up for her FREE client attraction tips and no-charge teleclasses on attracting more clients, visit http://www.ClientAttraction.com


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