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Having a USP helps make you look like you are on the customer's side and not just out to prey on unsuspecting passer bys. Instead of raving how you're number 1 (like everyone else), you can appeal to their benefits.

Prospective customers really don't care how great your company is (especially if it's coming from you) or how long you've been in business. They want to know what's in it for them. What benefits will they get if they buy from you instead of your competition? That's your USP. What sets you apart from your competition?

Here are the basics to a profit pulling USP:

  • Your USP should set you apart favorably.
  • Your aim is to try to fill an obvious void in the marketplace.
  • Your positioning should set you apart from your competition.

    In the process, it should get prospective customers excited about your product or service.

    When people think of what you sell or have to offer, you want them to think of you.

    You want to cement an important benefit or promise to your product or service. And you want this benefit to be important enough to get consumers clamoring to buy from you.

    Over the years, USP’s have been shown to be a highly effective means for advertising. This has held true for giant corporations and even small businesses and service professionals.

    Some of the more popular USP’s have been used for decades! I’m sure you’ll recognize these two. . .

    “Wonder Bread helps build strong bodies in eight ways. ”

    “Certs breath mints with a magic drop of retsyn. ”

    USP's are everywhere, if you take the time to notice. Keep learning about this positioning tactic and you'll never look at advertising the same!

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    Internet Marketing Strategy and Unique Selling Proposition
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