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What is Niche Marketing?


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So, exactly what is ‘niche marketing'?

Well, a ‘niche’ is an area of demand, often for some sort of service or maybe a product. If you provide a customer with an opportunity to buy or sell, then this is ‘marketing’. Simple! The important point is that the product or service is being targeted towards a specific kind of person or customer, somebody who is interested in what you have to offer and, hopefully, with a large, fat wallet!

But ‘niche marketing’ is not just for the small guy. Big corporation sometimes use niche marketing. Consider, for example, a computer manufacturer who might provide a specialist single function machine for businesses and all-singing, all-dancing machines for home users (including a scanner, printer, copier, fax, coffee-maker - well, perhaps not the latter!).

The beauty of ‘niche marketing’ is that your money goes a lot, lot further than if you try to sell to the whole world (and their dog!). Advertising budgets go further if you target specific niches and a small niche, globally, could very easily contain many thousands of people. Perfect!

The secret to this kind of marketing is tailoring your product (and marketing) to match the unique needs of your chosen niche. Sounds complicated, but it's really not that difficult. For example, say you design a product that prevents your pet cat from bringing back mice to your lovely home (and brand new, white carpet!), those people who own cats will be extremely eager to hear about this product. (In fact, I can hear them getting their wallets out as I write this!). Dog lovers wouldn't be bothered about your wonderful product. If you've written an e-book about how to get 500 miles to the gallon out of your car, then those people who own cars, and are looking to cut costs, are likely to be interested in what you have to say. Rich folks, who couldn't care less about their gas-guzzling Rolls Royce, will not be interested in the slightest. Do you see?

If you have a website that includes AdSense advertising (it's very easy to set up), even if your visitors don't buy your product or service, they might just click on a ‘targeted’ ad and earn you a little cash before they leave. Isn't Google wonderful? Even their ads are ‘targeted’ to your ‘niche’. More ‘niche marketing'!

In short, ‘niche marketing’ is cost efficient and an effective way to advertise all kinds of products and services to a ‘targeted’ audience. Who knows, maybe one or two of these people might just listen to your message and decide to buy!

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