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Business Card Collecting - Where Can I Find Them?


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People have been collecting business cards and their predecessors for hundreds of years. The calling cards or visiting cards were first used in China in the 15th century and later in Europe from the 17th century. They were expensive to produce at first and as printing technology improved they became more affordable.

Calling cards or visiting cards were used by the middle and upper classes as an aid for introductions. Trade cards were also used during the 17th and 18th century to provide information about a merchant, usually how to find his premises and sometimes if space permitted, information about the goods the he sold.

After choosing the type of business card that is to be collected, then the rest is relatively straightforward.

If the collection is to be of modern cards alone, ask your friends and relatives to collect cards wherever they go. There are many establishments that have a jar or tray on the front counter with business cards. It is amazing how many can be picked up on an annual vocation. There are many printing businesses in every city, and sometimes they have overruns or runs with errors. Ask them for them all, they may be great trading items later on. Ask for a business card wherever you go and most people will oblige. Sometimes they will ask for yours – be prepared. You business card may become valuable sometime later!

If you choose to collect cards that are not currently in circulation for the purpose that they were intended, the process is a little more complex. Watch out for online auctions and card collector’s sites as offers are regularly made, but be aware of value before purchasing. If you are unsure of value, join a couple of internet card collector’s forums and ask the questions. It is important to get more views than one, in order to reduce the risk of paying too much. Check out any estate sales in your area. It is amazing what some people collect and others do not realize its value – get some real bargains.

Whichever way you choose to collect, collect good quality cards and store them in a way that they do not deteriorate. Keep them dry, away from heat and direct sunlight.

Collectors of business cards often collect business card holders as well. For more information on business cards and business card holders go to and for quick access to the available products go to


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