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Yesterday, a student of mine who is an affiliate marketer contacted me asking advice. He told me that he had invested a lot in his website and it’s content and has even got good affiliate programs. But yet, he is averaging a very poor conversion rate of 1-2%.

Neither being the first nor the last one with this problem, I decided to do something about it. The reason for this is a common mistake committed by internet marketers.

And that mistake is Selling instead of Pre-Selling.

Before we get in further, let me give you a picture of what I mean by pre-selling: Let us say you, for example, from whom would you be more likely to buy?

- A guy making a sales pitch.

OR - A cheerful friend with great content, making recommendations.

The second one, right. Why? Simply because he is pre-selling you.

By pre-selling, I mean warming up your visitor by providing great content. In other words, you are selling the benefits of your product or service making your visitor very interested and excited about your offer. (Anyway, if he is not interested or exited in your offer, why should he buy?)

By doing so, you are making your visitor have an open-to-buy attitude. And by having an open-to-buy attitude, your visitor will be more likely to buy your product or hire your service.

As such, your conversion rates will be maximized as well as your profits.

So, you MUST pre-sell before you sell.

And to be able to pre-sell, you will need to know your Most Wanted Response (MWR). The MWR as the name tells is the most important thing you want your visitor/customer to do. For example, The MWR of an affiliate marketer when a visitor arrives at his page is to go to his merchant site. And the MWR of the merchant site is to make the sale.

So, by knowing your MWR, you can visualize clearly your objective and as such, you can pre-sell your visitor to attain that objective.

Article by Avisen Moonsamy. Avisen is the publisher of the famous e-Marketing Course. This course will teach you proven and unique ideas and techniques to help your business succeed. To join the course, simply send a blank e-mail to: mailto:avisen@nudodo.net.


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