What About Role Playing Marketing?

Delmar Germyn

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In what will be hailed as a new frontier in marketing “Role Playing is about to become a major force. " Heed the words of Sear Rykan, the marketing Guru. This is marketing taken to its next level!

Players will be given roles as advertising executives, newsletter writers, movie critics, copy writers, brain surgeons, kalamazoos, average Joe’s, test drivers, and on and on.

Other players will take the parts of the notorious “Big Box Store Owners", Mutual fund salesmen, real-estate guru, used car salesman, blanket manufacturer, president of a 3rd world country, paranoid leader of a 1st level country that is not an Empire, but wants to be.

They will be given a few hours to settle into the new world and set it in order. This will be called ‘The New World Order’. Who said that anyway? Once this has been done the “average Joe’s" will be sent out to spend. Spend, spend, buy until all the money they have is in the hands of a couple of the Elite. Once this has been accomplished the game will move to a new level.

We will call this the “Screenspam" stage. It is made necessary by the shortage of cash in “Joe’s" jeans. I wonder how we can solve this problem.

Maybe if we introduce a new bunch of players! Bankers! Consumer credit companies! Right on! Now the boys have another source of ‘funds’ to play with. It may not be cash, but. . . Let’s see what they are going to do. We will have to keep the ‘Big Boxes’ open until midnight for a while here.

They copywriters and advertising executives are all having little organisms thinking about the new wave of consumerism. New stores are being built. Postal employees are looking for a raise. At the end of each month Taxis are full, heading for the Mall!

Hot Damm, you did it Greeny!

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