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Kenneth Little

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Your marketing breakthrough is just around the corner. You can jump start your product launch with the amazing Feeling Formula. You've heard it said - sell the sizzle not the steak. Here's a great take on the sizzle.

As you get started on the conceptualizing , advertsing, promotion and distribution, of your product take time out to apply the Feeling Formula.

The first step calls for you to take off your traditional marketer's “hat" and think about the experience your cleint will have the moment they purchase the product.

The key question to ask yourself is - “What will they be feeling?"

Reflect on their experience long enough to get the full impact of the warm and fuzzy feeling they will be enjoying.

Now tell yourself you are no longer marketing products, nor are you a writer of sales copy bullelted with the usual consumer benefits. Come to the realization you are a Feelings Marketer. To get this deep on the inside of you think about the purchase experience of the new car buyer. As they take delivery are they thinking horsepower, or style.


They are rehearsing in their minds the great feeling they'll get when they drive down the I - 1 and their vehicle attracts the attention of other motorists.

As a Feelings Marketer you need to rebuild your marketing campaign. Your new focus is on lifting client awareness that they can't do without the ownership feeling.

Instead of highlighting direct product features in your advertising, touch the heart of your cleint . Sell the advantages of the feelings.

Expect success as you now know what to sell as the sizzle. Selling the feelings will put you on the chart as a top performer in your organization and you will be able to leap to your feet as you yell “Oh, what a feeling".

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