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Although this is fairly straightforward, two caveats apply. Avoid the temptation to get too fancy with the description of your business: you're designing a business card, not writing a resume. Something like “Jeffrey X, Designer of Images To Fuel The Imagination Of A Newborn Millenium" is more likely to confuse your potential contact than delight him or her, and can possibly make you look less like an effective artist and more like a flake. Something like “Jeffrey X, Artist" works perfectly well.

Secondly, make sure that you not only include your contact information, but that you prioritize the information that you'll be able to make the best use of. For example, if your email account is set up to automatically process inquiries from clients or potential service providers who can be of help to your business, don't place your phone number above your email account on your business card. In fact, if you don't particularly want to be contacted through certain channels (for example, if your only phone is a family cell phone on a restricted minutes plan, or if your only email account is also the email account you use for mailing lists and online forum updates), don't include it at all. This might turn away one or two people over the course of your business card's life, but it's unlikely that it'll put a significant dent in your business: as long as you have either a phone number, a website address, or an email address for your contacts, they'll be able to contact you on the terms you set. Don't feel compelled to include each of these three types if you can't effectively respond to inquiries for each: not offering your clients a phone number is much more professional than offering them a phone number that you never answer.

This article will help you keep a clear vision of what information to put on your business card and how to present it as well.

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High Impact Business Card Design
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