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I’ve been in the supply/retail industry for some 15 years now, however until recently had never heard the term Lanyard. During the process of setting up my company, and still occasionally today when discussing my company’s business activities, I’m still asked “what’s a lanyard?”

Now, everyone knows what a lanyard is, they just don’t know it by name. Described as a neck strap, security strap, ID strap, ID cord etc everyone has seen then, a large portion of us have worn them, and most of us have, in some way been advertised to, by them.

Described in my copy of the Oxford dictionary as a ‘cord worn round the neck or the shoulder, to which a knife etc. may be attached’. The uses for lanyards has gone well beyond that singular description, and although there are still a variety of end uses, in commercial terms the two primary reasons are for identification or promotion.

Used by conferences, trade shows, event staff, or staff of medium to large companies, lanyards are used to attach a myriad of styles of credentials holders. For promotional campaigns the lanyard can be fitted with many differing attachments and accessories including key rings, crocodile clips, snap hooks, Dog clips, carabineers, mobile phone holders, bottle holders, bottle openers etc.

The reason for supplying a lanyard, (as a give a way or for means of security), together with the functional aspect of the attachments, makes them a commonly wanted, required and used item.

In addition to this however, customizing a lanyard with your organizations unique message and/or logo, together with your own design specifications and color scheme, will provide additional advertising that will be seen repeatedly by both the wearer and those in their company, due to the practical nature and therefore constant usage of the lanyard.

Lanyards are manufactured from many different materials, and depending on the level of detail required, the intended market and the expected usage, it is crucial to choose the correct product for your design. Materials range from the less costly imprinted polyester, the harder wearing silk woven style or the very specialized heat transfer option. Each option should be discussed in detail with your supplier to ensure that your specific needs are met.

This article was written by Scott Fleming, Sales Director of Lanyards Plus, based in Vancouver, Canada. For more information and visual images relating to the content of this article please navigate to the following web site:


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