Is Viral Marketing a "Virus"?


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Have you heard the word “viral marketing"? It is not the typical virus that can damage systems or files. Though it seems like a virus that is spreading in the business world. Viral Marketing is making its name to almost every business organization present in one country. Viral Marketing is a great marketing trend that circulates by pushing different marketing messages to associates and business acquaintances. Through this way, the market exposure of a certain business will lead to growth outburst. This viral marketing strategy first succeeded in an internet web mail, the Hotmail. They put their websites URL in every outbound message sent. Through this, the users will be attracted to visit the site and eventually sign up for a free web mail. During the first year and a half of using viral marketing strategy, Hotmail gained 180,000 subscribers in just a week! Viral Marketing is also known as Marketing through word-of-mouth. This kind of advertising has a very influential way in building a business. With the use of the internet in viral marketing, it shows the results more quickly. There are many online business that are trying to form or look for economical ways in advertising their products and services, and they got the answer by using Viral Marketing.

What are the samples of Viral Marketing?

I'm sure all of us have received different emails that will ask you to forward it to 10 or 20 of your friends or to as many as you can. Most of us when we receive this kind of e-mail, we do forward it to our friends or to anyone connected to us. This is one form of Viral Marketing we are doing without even knowing.

How about the different commercials in the television or radio? Let's say a soda commercial where a popular music personality is the model. Once a person has seen that commercial, he or she then tells it to her friend, and then his or her friend will tell it to another friend and so on until everybody is looking forward to see that commercial. This is Viral Marketing. By spreading the said advertising, their products and services will be known and soon, an explosion in the growth of their market hype is history.

Online retailers depend on the E-commerce world where the viral marketing strategy is mostly used. They have found the way to intensify their business growth through this viral approach. There are some websites that offers free voicemail and fax that uses Viral Marketing in order to recruit vast number of users.

Spending thousands or millions of money just to advertise your business products is not the only way or even the best way in launching your business. This Viral Marketing phenomenon is very cost-effective and the least expensive way of advertising. Aside from this, you can also create business along with long term customers, for viral marketing helps entrepreneurs especially those who are low on budget.

Viral Marketing is an easy and fast way to make your business grow without batting an eyelash!

Not only that, using this marketing strategy will make you save way down through your budget. But don't just stop there. Viral Marketing may work to most of us but still not to everybody in the business world. Remember that not all businesses are the same. Think of other ways that will fit your business most. Otherwise, we can say that Viral Marketing is really a big hit, and of course an immense help in the business industry!

Dirk Wagner is the CEO of a powerful resource for needed marketing tools and creator of the #1 IMO Marketing Toolbar. He also is the publisher of a free home business online course at .


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