Trade Show Marketers: How To Make Attendees Willingly Rush to Your Booth


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Trade show booths are a lot like cars. They all basically do the same thing: they take you from point A to point B. Some do it in sleek, chic manner, others with zip and zing, and sill others do it more by just sort of lumbering along.

And when it comes to your trade show booth, the last thing you want to do is lumber along. You want a trade show booth with class, sass and kick, well, you know.

The absolute best way to ensure your trade show booth has just the right combination or class and sass is to hire graphic design experts to create the perfect trade show booth for your business.

Yes, you can buy a trade show booth that's more or less designed using a template, and it will look good. But you want more for your booth than to just look good: you want it to be stunning and hypnotic and suck people over to check you out like they will a lovely Jag in a mall parking lot.

Graphic designers know how to do this. They'll take the time to learn about you and your business. They'll look at all your marketing materials for colors and themes they can use in your trade show booth. Professional graphic designers know their eye candy and can guarantee you will have a visually appealing trade show booth that customers will be drawn to.

More importantly, what professional graphic designers can do is to develop an overall marketing concept for your trade show booth. Why is that important? Every great marketing and advertising campaign has a concept, a basic message that it works to convey. That concept will carry through all of a companies advertising and marketing materials by using various elements in them all of them to ensure that consumers are saturated with that message.

For instance, if your company uses the colors royal blue and white, you want these colors to be dominant in your booth design. You don't want to go with purple and green for your booth, though you would definitely stand out from the trade show booth crowd using that combination of colors! What would happen, though, is after the trade show when a customer saw your standard royal blue and white marketing materials, they wouldn't automatically connect those materials with your business-and worse, might toss them in the trash.

Professional graphic designers also know how color and visuals work together to be appealing, inviting and tell a story. They also understand color and balance, and how to use them to get a response from the viewer. And that response should always be something more than “Oh, what a nice-looking trade show booth. ” They can create a trade show booth that will have customers going “Oh, wow! I've got to get over to that booth right now. Gotta check it out!”

And really, why would anyone settle for being nice looking when they could be fabulous! Or lumber along in a nice mini-van when they could just as easily be zipping around in a Porsche!

Patty Stripes is unlocking her chest of trade show secrets without keeping anything back. Learn how to design sizzling trade show booths , and learn everything about trade show giveaways .


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