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Jan Verhoeff

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I smell a marketing ploy.

Yesterday when my mail arrived I opened up a gift from Chris Knight of www.ezinearticles.com, a munificent packet of Iced Gingerbread coffee in a mug that says I LOVE ezine articles with their website address on the cup (lest I forget).

Merry Christmas!

I feel so blessed, and so manipulated! You know, when I post an article online, I'm going to go first to the address I see every day on my coffee mug. It's a given!

So, for a great mug of Iced Gingerbread Coffee - you first put the coffee on to brew. Then fill your cup with about a forth cup of milk and nuke it in the microwave about a minute, froth it with the ‘cup blender’ (I love this gadget!) and add a bit of sugar. I like a whole teaspoon in mine. Pour the coffee slowly down the inside of the cup and sprinkle on cinnamon and sugar. You've got a tasty cup of wonderful coffee, and a great cup to sip it from! And if you published more than 20 articles on Ezinearticles last year, it was a gift!

This recipe is a gift of gratitude from the Coffee Clatter at http://coffeeclatter.blogspot.com (Another marketing ploy you are welcome to confiscate and use).

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Effective Marketing Ideas For Your Coffee Shop
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