The Power of Words: Market Yourself by Adopting a Whole New Language

Allison Nazarian

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I think we all agree that gone are the days when we would mass e- or snail-mail tens or even hundreds of resumes just for the sake of telling ourselves that we’ve done all we could to find the right job.

Assuming that it’s fair to say that the right job search is all about the right job and the right employer, then how do you let the right employer know you are the right employee? Really, when it comes down to it, the only thing between you and your next job is a few hundred words that, if chosen correctly, can take you places.

When it comes to knowing and using the right lingo, you’ll want to:

Do your research. What kind of company is this? Do you know and really understand what they do? What is their culture, are they by-the-book or casual? What ideas and themes do they embrace? What does their website, their marketing materials or even the job announcement say about them and their needs? Can you get a feel for who will be reading and evaluating your resume? Show them that you fit the bill while also showing them that you’ve done your research.

It’s not you, it’s them. Whatever you do, don’t talk about how great, wonderful, experienced and kind you are (even if you truly are all of those things!). Talk instead about how the great, wonderful, experienced and kind things you did while working for other companies helped their sales, marketing, P. R. , manufacturing and retention efforts. Show a direct correlation between what you did and what the lasting effect was. It’s now what you did, but what the result was.

Put yourself in their shoes. You may understand how the ATD results positively affected the VG and the YOU but your potential employer (even if from the same field) may have no clue. Remember, it doesn’t leave an impression if it doesn’t mean anything to the reader. So if you did something you can’t wait to tell the employment world about, make sure you tell your reader about it in plain English.

Speaking of which… Plain English is a great thing! Don’t hide a great accomplishment by one of those high-scoring Scrabble words. The truth is, people really like clear words and concise ideas. Wow them with what you did – don’t hit ‘em over the heads with something that just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense!

If the shoe fits… Finally, make sure that the company is looking for someone like you. If you don’t fit their bill, chances are they won’t seriously consider you or your resume, so use your e-mail, cover letters, resume and clicking sparingly.

So… Your resume and experience are powerful things – use them accordingly. Say what you mean and say it succinctly and accurately. And remember: once you get in the door, say it with a smile!

Allison Nazarian is president and chief copywriter of Get It In Writing, a Florida-based company that helps businesses nationwide harness the power of words to sell, inform and publicize. Allison can be reached at 561.487.3917 or Copyright© Get It In Writing, Inc. May be reprinted without permission of Get It In Writing, Inc and Allison Nazarian if in full, unchanged format and with complete attribution to author.


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