10 Ways To Gain Your Prospects Attention Using Your Picture Alone

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1. Use a uncommon hair style. You could style your hair to stand straight up like you're scared or use a wig to wear a mohawk or huge fuzzy hair.

2. Color your hair a bright color. You could color it pink, blue, purple, green, etc. You could even make it match your web site's colors.

3. Draw a lines on your picture. You could draw a black eye or mustache on it before you scan and upload it to your web site.

4. Put on silly glasses. You could put on spring like glasses, oversized colorful glasses, spinning glasses, or even 3D glasses.

5. Wear uncommon clothes. You could wear a super bright suit, a costume outfit, a weird tie or a bathing suit.

6. Make a weird facial expression. You could stick your tongue out, push your face together, make your eyes big, look like you're angry, etc.

7. Wear an unrelated hat. You could wear a cowboy hat, a bowl on your head, straw hat, a sports helmet, a rain hat, etc.

8. Paint your face. You could paint your own ideal character or paint a typical character like a clown, animal, plant, etc.

9. Wear a mask. You could buy one or make one out of a paper bag. Just cut the nose, mouth and eyes out. You could also add other facial features.

10. Use an uncommon background. You could use an outside background, a funny wallpaper, a prop to look like you have a cartoon body, etc.

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5 Ways to Educate Your Prospects for More Sales
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