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We all have this dream. I wish I could work from home, have my own business, be my own boss, get up when I want, determine my own income and then we meet Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, MLM call it what you want.

I use to be so frustrated in Network Marketing because I would jump from one program to the other, getting new downlines, try another program, add another product, and then everything changed. Something in my mind changed. Now I see the world rushing forward in that same mode, and I relax. My thinking has changed.

So, what happened you may ask. I realized that Internet Marketing is not about the money, the products, the downlines, the traffic, the new signup. Internet Marketing is about people. People like you and me. Real people with real families and real dreams.

If you focus on people and relationships, the rest will follow and it does. Did you know that the average network marketer only build a downline of 2 - 3 before they give up? Some of your downlines will never even sign up one person. Building an online relationship will not only help that person to be successfull, but it will help you put money in your pocket for a long time to come.

If you want your prospects to literally ask you to be in your downline, the you have to start giving them personal attention. Something that really get to me is people that will sign up in your downline, and when you send them an invitation to talk to you, they don't even bother to reply to your email. What is happening in the world if we can't take the time to talk to someone?

Where do you start?

Focus on people. Start talking to people. Find out what their dreams are, Find out what makes them tick. Start writing personal emails. Ask the guy on the other end about his children.

One of the tools that really helped me is a little free program that I downloaded from that let you talk to people across the world from your PC for free. It is amazing. You can see the guy's picture. This tool is really great for building Internet Marketing relationships. If you can build a relationship and teach other to do the same you will have hundreds of downline members that will not go away next week to try some other program. If you choose your program wisely you will make money. No matter which network marketing company you choose.

A lot of my time is spent mentoring people over the internet, and the one thing that sticks out above all is that if you care about people and relationships, your business will prosper. I want to challenge you today, get to listen to people's hearts and I will guarantee you a prosperous business.

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Christo Fouche is an online marketer who specializes in free online training. His motto is If you help enough other people to get what they want, you will end up with what you want. Christo Fouche CEO Ukwaka Netbiz


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