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If your clients are not referring business to you. You may be lacking the credibility, trust and loyalty needed for them to refer you to others. Clients will not always tell you that they do not feel that you are doing a satisfactory job with their business.

How well do you really know your clients?
Do you have an understanding of the challenges that your clients are currently facing? Do you take the time to ask them what they need from you and how you better serve them? Do you know how they feel about money? To truly understand your clients you must focus on your client relationships. Get to know your clients very well. You should your clients and contact them often. According to CEG Worldwide you should have an average of 28 contacts in a one year period with your clients to be truly successful. You are not looking to just contact your clients. You want quality contacts with your clients. Ask them about their lives and challenges they are facing. Do you know your client’s lifestyles, values, and attitudes? Where do they see themselves and their finances in 10, 20 years? How do they see their lives after retirement? Are you taking the time to really get to know your clients or just managing their money and sending them reports? You should know your clients inside and out.

What are clients looking for in an Advisor?
Your clients are looking for advisors who will:
● Treat them as people and not just another case
● Listen to what they have to say
● Provide useful relevant information that they can use
● Be easy to do business with
● Be available when they need them
● Show consistent performance
● Ask them questions
● Speak their language
● Keep them informed
● Provide solutions tailor made to their problems
● Show their expertise and knowledge
● Demonstrate shared basic core values, common ground, and personal goals
● Make them feel that they are being taken care of
● Go the extra mile

Building Credibility, Trust and Loyalty with your clients.
So how do you go about building the king relationship with your clients that leads them to sending your referrals.

Ways that you to build credibility with your clients:
Your company website: It should be well-designed and updated on a regular basis. You website should demonstrate to visitors and clients that you are an expert in meeting the needs of your target market. You have to provide reasons for clients and prospects to visit your site and visit it often. Provide content that allows them to become knowledgeable about investing and how investments are managed. You should have articles and reports that keep them informed on the different kinds of investments available. Try offering reports on the basics of investing. Provide examples of different types asset allocations for different types of clients. Provide case studies of problems that clients face and how through planning they were able to overcome them. Provide links to financial news and quotes. Offer a client access area, newsletter and a referral form for them to refer others to you.

Write articles and get them published in the type of publications that your clients read. Don’t forget to have your articles published in trade magazines, local business magazines and newspapers. Write reports and white papers on industry topics and have them published. Every article, report or white paper should address a topic that is of interest to your target market. Provide valuable information that will fill and need or solve a problem. Include all articles, reports and white papers on your website.

Provide seminars and speeches on topics of interest to clients and prospective clients. Provide transcripts on your website, along with video and audio recording. Try giving speeches and seminars to associations and civic groups your clients and prospects are members. Make the seminar informative, but also leaves them with the desire to do business with you. You should also have a way to get contact information so that you can add prospects to your database. Provide workbooks for clients and prospects to use to help them understand their finances and goals.

Become a guest on television and radio shows. Provide transcripts, video and audio clips of your interviews. Becoming a quest or hosting your own television/radio show causes your credibility to jump greatly.

Ways to build trust with your clients and prospective clients. The way that you build trust with you clients is by contacting them often. You should become very familiar to your clients and come to mind first, when it comes to their finances.

Offer a monthly e-zine or e-mail newsletter. This will give you 12 changes to show your expertise, let your clients know that you understand their needs and have the solutions to their problems. You can also use the e-zine/newsletter to let clients know of upcoming seminars, workshops and important news concerning your business or investments.

Send quarterly reports and call each client to discuss any questions or concerns that they may have. You should meet with your client face-t-face at least once a year.

Send reprints of articles you have had published and where you are quoted as an expect of subjects of interest to them.

Get to know your clients and prospects. Ask them questions about themselves, lifestyle, motivations and desires. If you read an article on a subject that you know is important to them, clip it and send them a copy.

Turning Satisfied clients into referring clients
A highly satisfied client is a loyal clients. By building your credibility and trust you build client loyalty. You can ask clients outright for referrals. When you send their quarterly statement include two business cards for them to pass along to a friend. Add a referral form to your website that includes a place to add referrals name, email address, phone number and referred by. When they refer a client, send them a thank you note. If a referred clients becomes a client, send the person who referred them a small token. If you truly know your clients, you will know what to send that they will truly appreciate. Don’t send a run of the mill promotional items. Keep track to the things they tell you they are interested in and send them something that only they would receive. Show your clients that they are truly respected and appreciated and they will return the favor.

Jennifer Woodard is a freelance Marketing Communications Consultant offering a full range of communication services including but not limited to marketing, public relations, and book marketing. She specializes in working with Professional Service Firms, Professionals, Authors and Publishers. Visit her website at and her blog at


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