Writing Guarantees that Sell


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“This offer is good but can you guarantee it. ”

Why write a guarantee for your product or service? It reduces the risk in the eyes of your customers, enough to turn a cynical customer into a convinced customer.

So, what makes a good guarantee? Besides the obvious, “I guarantee it, ” strong guarantees include elements that not only ease the customers’ fears but also reinforce your offer. Before you put your guarantee in writing, here are some tips to keep in mind.

* Emphasize the benefit in each guarantee. Say you’re selling an energy supplement. Write a statement saying, “If you’re not drinking less coffee, skipping down the street, or simply more energetic after thirty days, just ask for your money back. ”

* Offer objects other than money. If you simply can’t afford to return your customers’ money or hesitant to offer that type of guarantee, offer to correct the problem at no additional charge. Send them another product. Contribute to the charity of their choice, in their name of course. Use your imagination and think of ways you can ease your customer’s fears.

* I’m sure you’ve heard of the 30-day guarantee. Have you ever considered giving a 60-day, 90-day, or even a 1-year guarantee? When you offer longer terms, you take on more risk. When you take on more risk, your guarantee becomes stronger. A strong guarantee = Confident buyers.

* After you’ve finished laying out your guarantee, don’t forget to restate your main offer. This is also a great place to include write another call-to-action phase. Ask for their business right after you’ve dissolved their reluctance.

Now, let’s think about what type of guarantee should you have. Before you decide which guarantee is right for you, think like your customer. Why aren’t they buying? Are they worried about price? Afraid the product isn’t exactly what they’re looking for? Afraid the project won’t be completed on time?

Guarantees fall into five very overlapping categories:

1. The Money-back guarantee – This ensures that you customers won’t waste their time or money. It also protects customers if the product breaks or fails. You can also offer a prorated money back guarantee after the originally guarantee’s terms have lapsed.

2. The Satisfaction guarantee – This ensures that your customer will be and remain happy with your service or product. This promises your customer happiness with the benefits your services.

3. Price protection guarantee – This can either lock in the price, ensuring the price and payment terms won’t change or increase - think life insurance. Alternatively, ensure that they won’t find a lower price – think office supply superstores.

4. On-time guarantee – This helps subdue the fears in time-crunched patrons. Businesses like printers, car repair shops, and cable companies could benefit from this type of guarantee.

5. Absolutely No Question Asked guarantee – This can be applied towards anything. A major problem: You’ll probably never learn your weak spots, if you never have the opportunity to ask questions.

Include a guarantee in your next copywriting project. Whether you’re writing web copy, a brochure, or a sales letter, a strong guarantee will dissolve your customers’ reluctance and help spur sales. I guarantee it.

Vanessa Selene Williams is an independent writer for businesses and corporation. To learn more about her, visit her online at http://corporate.vswilliams.com or email her at info@vswilliams.com


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