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Postcards can enhance your real estate marketing program by generating a response from prospects. But if you don't differentiate your postcards in some way, you're limiting the response you might otherwise enjoy.

Fortunately, one of the best ways to differentiate your postcards also happens to be one of the easiest. Just add value to them. The greater the value, the greater the response.

Here then are five ways you might add value to your postcards in order to generate a response.

Idea #1 — Tip of the Month
Take what you know about the home-buying or selling process, and break it up into 12 parts. You've just created a tip-of-the-month postcard series.

Better still, you can use it as a response-generating device. Just tie each month's tip back to your buyer's / seller's guide to evoke a phone call or email.

For instance: “You'll find more than 35 additional tips in my homebuyer's guide — my free gift to you. Just call or email. . . ”

Example Here's an example of what the front of your postcard might look like using this technique: view example

Idea #2 — Showcase Your Performance
Let's say you're targeting seller's, and you have a history of helping clients sell at or near their full asking prices — and in a short amount of time. Why now showcase this on your postcard? No need to brag or boast . . . just be factual:

“15 homes sold for full asking price in the last year alone. ” That sort of thing. You might even show pictures of some of the homes you sold in a remarkably short time for full asking price.

People believe in what they can see. And sellers want to believe you can help them sell for maximum price in minimum time. Show them your history of doing just that, and you're one step closer to getting that critical phone call or email.

Idea #3 — Newspaper Style Headline
Headlines have captivated readers for centuries. We love news. We love to get news when it's hot and happening. Why not use this affinity for headlines and news to capture your prospects attention?

You'll find headline ideas everywhere. Low interest rates, for instance, always make for a great headline: Interest Rates Hit Record Low.

Then all that's left to do is explain how you can help them take advantage of whatever news you've listed. Try combining this approach with one of the other techniques listed for “double differentiation. ”

Idea #4 — Make an Offer
By offer, I don't mean that old standby, the free consultation. That has about as much chance of making your mailer stand out as I have of winning the Nobel prize for physics. The free obligation (a. k. a. the no-obligation consultation) has been worn out so much over the last few decades that it's become virtually meaningless.

Here's what else is wrong with it (and those who have tested this offer against others will agree with me here). Your prospects expect a free consultation, and they know they're going to get one . . . if not from you, then from some other agent or Realtor they'll inevitably stumble across.

One final problem with the free consultation: Much of the information you’ll share during the consultation can be found on the Internet, if you know where to look.

And believe me, your prospects know where to look!

They can view homes online. They can find current interest rates online. And now, with the advent of such websites as, they can even get a ballpark valuation of their home based on current sales information — and it’s all free.

The goal here is obvious. You need to strengthen your offer. You need something of value that will give prospects a good reason to call you:

“Call or email me today, and I'll send you my “First-time Homebuyer's Guide” for free. This 11-page report answers all the questions I've been asked over the years from homebuyers like you. What to look for during a walk-through. How to negotiate. How to prepare financially for the settlement process. Everything is covered in detail (and in plain language). Call today for your free copy!”

And remember, the offer and the response are directly proportional. Want more response? Put more value into your offer. It really is that simple.

Idea #5 — Testimonial
Genuine testimonials carry more power than anything the marketer (you) can say or write. When the testimonial comes from a known source, like a neighbor, that power is increased tenfold.

Here's an easy but effective formula:

1. Place a testimonial at the top of your piece, in headline fashion.

2. Follow up with your message, giving specifics of the transaction — the number of interested buyers that came through, the time it took to get a contract (or other relevant data).

3. Offer to help the reader in the same way.

4. End with your offer and call-to-action. (You do have your seller's guide finished, right?)

The end result is a specific, believable and value-driven mailer. Try the above message for yourself. See how it stacks up against the pale-by-comparison “I sold a home . . . can I sell yours, too?” I'd love to hear how it works for you.

Brandon Cornett has worked as a writer and advertising manager within the direct mail industry. He now dedicates his time to helping agents and brokers improve their real estate marketing programs.

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