When "Wimpy" Makes Your List Of Power Words

George Dodge

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You may not think of “wimpy" as a potential entry on your list of power words. Think again. The fact is, there are literally hundreds (thousands) of words that can pack a punch - and that's an important step in your attempt to gain and hold the attention of potential customers. Consider what makes a power word, and how to use them.

Have you ever seen a child fall asleep in the high chair, face in the plate? That's a power nap. If you describe how tired that child was, the word “sleepy" simply won't suffice. You may be tempted to go first to that good old stand-by - “very. " But “very sleepy" also doesn't get the message across. “Exhausted" becomes a power word in this case, because most readers will be able to visualize that “exhausted" child who is now peacefully snoring in her spaghetti.

Drop those words like “very" and find some words with real punch. “Incredible, " “humongous" and “tremendous" become your best friends.

While your copy needs power words that vividly describe, you also have to pay attention not to overuse those words. With too many of these descriptive power words, your reader may lose interest and simply move on.

Power words are not all about description. You may find that some power words are not descriptive at all. “Now" is a power word that's often under utilized. One of the reliable techniques used in selling is to appeal to the reader's sense of urgency. You can do that by using words that bring that urgency to the forefront of the reader's mind - words like “quick, " “fast" and “urgent. "

But what if you're selling a product that's only going to pay off over the long term? Weight loss products are a good example. Everyone knows that purchasing the latest weight loss aid - whether it's exercise equipment or diet supplements - isn't going to result in pounds that fall off even as you're standing up from your computer. But your copywriting should urge the reader to start “now. " Remind him that the product can't help unless he takes that first step - and that he should take that step “now. "

There are lots of other power words that simply jump off the page to bring the reader in. Words like “free, " “special offer, " “sale, " and “discount" immediately conjure imagines of saving money. “Profitable, " “informative" and “valuable" make you certain that this is a purchase that will be beneficial.

One of the most important power words available has only three letters and its value is often overlooked. It's y-o-u. When the word “you" appears in text, the message becomes personal, the potential more real.

One common mistake in the use of power words is the use of words that aren't commonly known and understood. Instead of looking for an incredible new word, try stringing together common words to effectively present the idea to your reader.

Sprinkle your copywriting with power words and watch your sales skyrocket!

Don't be a wimp! Use powerful descriptive “picture words" in your copy. Wimpy headlines and sales copy will result in wimpy sales!

George Dodge is owner of http://www.CompellingWebCopy.com where you will discover 757 explosive persuasive copywriting techniques guaranteed to skyrocket your sales and put more cash in your pocket, even if you haven’t written a thing since high school!


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