How to Make Profits With a Commission Mailing Business

DeAnna Spencer

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There are many mailorder publications that will list your nameunder this directory. . . “Commission Circulars Wanted". . .

List your name under this classification and dealers will mail bundles of circulars to you with a blank space at the bottom ofthe ad in which you stamp your name. You mail these out and the ads “appear" to be your own. You receive money for whatever is advertised on the circular. You keep 50% and the dealer who sent you the circulars will fill the order for you for the other half.

Never mail out a single circular by itself. Mail as many of the different circulars as you can, in the same envelope. Stuff your envelopes full. The more you mail to one customer, the more likely you'll make a sale and the less will be the per unit mailing cost. Mail order enthusiasts do read these circulars!

Next, run ads in different magazines saying that you mailcirculars for others. Charge whatever you determine is fair. Use the standard rate charged by others in the business. Youcan get this information easily by checking several dealers offering this service in the various mailorder publications and adsheets. Then determine a fair charge based on the variationsof your services from the normal operations.

Always mention in your ads that “WE MAIL COMMISSION CIRCULARS FREE!" Whichever part of the ad the reader responds to, you can make money. It is possible to turn this business into a fulltime job and make good money well worth the effort you put into it.

The best plan to follow is to keep growing. Run an ad every chance you get. Take on new commission circulars, test them, keep the ones that pull, omit the ones that do not pull. Beforeyou realize it, you will graduate from a part-time mailer to afull time money-maker!

Nine Steps That Put You in the Commission Mailing Business:

1. Order a good rubber stamp with your name and address on it.

2. Send for some free imprints (Commission Circulars). You pay only the postage for these. They are available from prime source mailorder firms.

3. Buy a supply of envelopes and stamps.

4. Address the envelopes to the names wanting big mail.

5. When you receive your circulars, stamp your name and address in the blank space on the commission side of the imprint.

6. Put one of each type of circular in each envelope, filling to the maximum weight for each level of postage rate.

7. Mail them.

8. When you receive orders, take out your commission.

9. Forward everything else to the source. (The firm or individual) who sent you the circulars. . . and you are in business!

If you are serious about commission mailing, you will take thetime to look over each offer in the Big Mails you receive. Mosteverything one needs to follow the nine steps above is offeredin the various Big Mail Packets, most of it free.

There is money in mailing, but it is not as some advertise it You won't make $50,000 a year by working one hour a week from your kitchen table. NO! It doesn't work that way.

If you will follow instructions, be happy with from $100 to $400a week, spending a few hours every night, five nights a week, then you too can make money in mailing the various offers available to you.

The nine steps listed above give you everything you need to getstarted. It is now up to you. You invest only what you wish, you grow as big as you want. Just one note of advice. . . Whenyou send your commission circulars, send more than one of akind. . . You will pay the same postage to mail one as you will to mail several. The more you mail at one time, the better theodds of receiving orders. It's also a good policy to never get your circulars and your name lists to mail to from the same dealer.

Yes! Using these nine steps can put you in the commission mailing business!

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