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One of the main reasons that solo-professionals, service professionals and small business owners fail to build thriving businesses is that they struggle to articulate exactly what they do in this new vibrant, branded and authentic way…and most importantly what specific Invest-able Opportunities they bring to the table.

They aren’t compelling and the message comes off as bland and confusing. As a result, they miss countless opportunities to meet and recruit potential clients. Can you personally relate?

Until you are able to clearly articulate exactly what you do, and the Invest-able Opportunities that you offer, and the all the benefits that clients will experience as a result of working with you, you will be missing out on enormous opportunity for growth and success.

Remember people don’t buy products or services. And they certainly don't buy the technical name that represents your profession (i. e. graphic designer, consultant, financial planner, etc. ) They buy solutions to their problems…solutions that you can personally deliver because of your unique abilities and your personal and professional experience.

If you're a yoga teacher, I think you'll agree that saying you’re a yoga teacher is not particularly compelling. I may already have a preconceived notion of what a yoga teacher does or is like. However, saying “…I help professional women reclaim their bodies from the evil corporate empire and access their true feminine qualities of mystery, intimacy and sensuality…living part two of the life they were meant to live!” may start a more interesting conversation.

It may also get a chuckle. . . which is a good thing.

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Storytelling Can Turn a Ho Hum Talk Into a Wow Talk
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