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If anyone was to ask me what my greatest strength was I'd say curiosity. The reason I would say that is because curious people learn a lot. On the internet there is stacks to learn. Curiosity will help you learn what you need to know.

Here's some of the common things internet business people want to know:

- How can I get more traffic to my site?
- How can I get more sales from my site?
- What can I do to make my site successful?
- How can I convert more browsers into buyers?
- What are my competitors doing that I can learn from?

As an internet marketer I'm curious about how to answer these and other questions. You should be too.

Curiosity can give you information you need to make your business more successful. Let's say you're curious about getting more traffic to your site. So you start typing in keywords to your favourite search engine such as:

- Increase traffic
- More visitors
- Increase hits
- Web traffic

What do you find? Well you'll find sites that might have some valuable information or resources you can use for your business. You should look at some. Remember keep your curiosity it will help you tell the good from the bad. Let's say you find 5 sites that show you how to get more visitors. How do you know which are good and which are bad? Ask curious questions such as:

- Can they prove what you're saying?
- Will it work for you?
- Will you get visitors that are likely to buy?
- What's the cost compared to the likely return?

Then you need to try those that you believe are good and learn from the experience. So the aim this week is to remember to be curious so you can uncover new ideas that will work for your business. Good luck.

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