The Anti-Marketer: Sitting Around Talking About Marketing Vs. Actually Marketing

Dina Giolitto

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There's a marketing criminal on the loose, and I like to call him the Anti-Marketer. Why? Because the more he talks about what a great marketer he is, the less he convinces people of this fact and the more sales he loses. Are YOU the Anti-Marketer? Let's hope not.

Take a look at the Top Five “Marketing But Not Marketing" offenses. . and then be sure to stear clear of these self-sabotaging marketer behaviors!

Offense 1. Writing an article that serves no practical purpose to the reader.

What types of articles “don't help?" Ones that are too generic. Every piece of advice you offer your reader should be accompanied by explicit “how-to" instructions. Don't just say, “Try a newsletter template. " Instead tell your reader, “Constant Contact offers an easy-to-learn newsletter template that will simplify the process of mailing out your ezine each month. "

Offense 2. No follow-through on the plan you made.

How many times have you run around talking about a great plan you had going, but then never crafted that plan? “I'm going to write a book. I'm going to fix my sales letter. " Sure, we're all guilty of this from time to time. . . but the key word here is guilty. As soon as the “plan" flies from your lips you need to spring into action and make it come alive. If you don't, people will start to realize that you don't stick to your commitments. That's NO way to convey a professional attitude.

Offense 3. Your marketing overview is many pages longer than your output.

Heck yes, it's important to set goals and map out a strategy. But if you spend 80% of your time in the planning stages and 20% in the output phase, this is a real problem! It's the reason you're scratching your head going, “Why doesn't the marketing work?" Uhh, because you HAVE NO marketing! Just pick ONE of the many projects you brainstormed, and write out a ten-step plan to kick it into action. THEN, when you have concrete proof of your ability, you are fully encouraged to shout about it to the world!

Offense 4. Not fixing all the little problems.

It goes without saying that an internet marketer has a full plate all the time. But those little things that are sabotaging your success should be jotted down in a fix-it list and tackled one by one whenever you have a “free" moment. Example: “My blog gets great traffic but no one who reads it ever signs up to become an ezine subscriber of mine. " Solution: crank up the marketing. Add a “call to action" statement to every blog post you create:

"Get Your Free Marketing Inspiration!"
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Offense 5. Sprinkling the online world with your “cotton candy" comments.

People love to comment on others’ websites, blogs and such. But think about this: why are you on the internet? To convey yourself as an intelligent human being, and to get new clients. If 90% of your typical comments sound like, “Great idea, Joe" guess who's getting the credibility boost? JOE is! Do not be afraid to speak your mind, share an idea, or invite people to look at what you have to offer. This is what marketing is about after all.

Okay, so are we clear on the Five “Marketing But Not Marketing" offenses? Good, now let's correct where we have gone astray and put some extra effort into being the stellar sellers that we were meant to be!

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Email Marketing - The Freebie Marketer's Trap and How to Avoid It
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