Stand Out from the Crowd - Top 10 Tips Guaranteed to Increase Your Travel Trade Show Success

Tim Warren

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1) Have beginner's mind. Attend and observe a travel tradeshow, seek out information and expert advice before you exhibit. Take workshops and read all you can on travel trade show marketing.

2) Pre-show mailings and phone invitations to customers and prospects will increase booth attendance. Multiple personalized letters and postcards promoting special offers redeemable only at your booth works great. Start one - three months before show.

3) Show management is an asset and can provide you lots of extra profitable exposure. Work with them on providing value to attendees through your travel presentations, workshops, sport simulator and fascinating attractions. If you earn pre-show publicity via their public relations/media firm, you could triple or more your booth traffic, often for no charge.

4) Invest in quality. Use an exhibit with easy-to-read graphics, ‘key word” descriptive and bold “benefit-oriented headline graphics. Prospect should quickly understand what types of activities you offer, where you go and level of difficulty; all in less then 5 - 10 seconds or your prospects are gone.

5) Establish team-created objectives. Incorporate your most friendly, motivated, and knowledgeable staff. Role-play and practiced boothmanship before show.

6) Arrive before show. Meet with media; establish sales representation and network with fellow travel professionals. When the show starts you'll be better prepared and rested then most.

7) Smile. Don't pounce on prospects. Establish rapport before qualifying prospects. Ask open-ended questions, “What do you think about foreign travel and river rafting?"

8) Use brochures (better yet a cheap flyer) as a disengagement tool. Use “no's or not interested" as an opportunity to move on to another prospects who's interested in your type of trip or destination.

9) Take care of yourself. Schedule your staff so that everyone is well rested. Drink plenty of water. Eat well-balanced meals. Avoid alcohol at all times during show. Wear comfortable shoes. Stretch your muscles while checking out other exhibits. Use breath mints.

10) Follow-up. Contact key prospects immediately after show with letters, calls and brochures. Continued mailings and contacts increase chances of sales 65%.

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Leisure Travel Helps Travel Industry Show Increase
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