Are You Content With the Marketing Service Your Business Cards Provide: What's on the Back?

Jan Verhoeff

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White space? In order for white space to be effective, it has to have a purpose. Does the back of your business card have a purpose, or is it just blank wasted space? One mortgage broker I met carried his card everywhere and handed it out liberally. On the front of the card, along with his name and company logo were the words, “I can finance anything with documentation!” On the back of his card was a list of required documentation. He reported that he rarely purchased leads for his mortgage-brokering firm. His supervisor reported that he rarely had to go back and ask a client for more documentation to obtain a loan.

This man used his business card like a personal handshake with people he never met. His cards were not professionally printed; he printed his own, changing document requirements as his lenders adjusted their demands. He even posts his business cards at sites where others had left their cards on bulletin boards, and gathered clients from strangers who called him for loans.

Excellent marketing strategies for business card design include:

1. Your picture or a picture of your company on the front of the card. People notice and remember pictures. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Put a photo in their hand!

2. Use an unusual layout. People have to turn the card around to get a better view of the words. They notice the motion, the difference. An excellent example of this is a poster created for a high school English class, the title was printed up the left side of the poster. Nothing else about the poster was particularly astonishing, but because it had a unique design layout, it was noticed more often with more comments than the other posters. Be different!

3. Use clear fonts. While dramatic curli-ques and fancy scripts may be the going signias, your words must be legible. If you want to use a script or fancy font, be sure it adds something to the design of the card, and makes the overall “picture” memorable. If the script actually has impact, use it, if not… dump it. Make your letters legible.

4. Intentionally misspell a word in your company name. Korner Kitchen is more memorable than Corner Kitchen. The invocation of double K’s presents a ready made logo with a style font and designer lettering, still very clearly written, and distinctive. Capture the essence of your business with powerful imprinting on your client’s mind. They will remember originality.

5. Motto your mission. Make sure your motto is displayed on your business card. Write up a motto that is defined, succinct, and specific to your business, then plaster it on your business card. Print it in red on a black and white card, or outline it in hot pink – but make it stand out. The customer may not be impressed with the Korner Kitchen, unless they know you have “The Best Apple Pie in Three States”. Imprint your cards with your personal motto.

6. Provide all of your current contact information in clear legible letters. No matter how easy you think it might be to find the “old Johnson Mill” where your Korner Kitchen is located, you should provide every venue of contact information that you have on your business card. Include your email address, your website, physical address, phone number, fax machine, and cell phone. Someone will need those bits of information to ask you if you use real apples in those pies or not. Provide it!

7. Give your prospective client more information. Pack the back of the card with informative data your client might need in order to obtain your services. List information you need from them. List what services you provide. List the products you are currently highlighting, or any specialty sales you may have going. If your business has something special going on, put it on the back of your business card. Add a discrete small print disclaimer at the bottom of your card stating that your package may change without further notice, please call for more information.

If the Korner Kitchen is your business, you might want to list your weekly specials on the back of your business card, along with the cost. Any regular customers will be calling you on Tuesday for your prize winning mustard veal loaf with cornbread for take out, or maybe even catering.

Blitz your clients with professional calling cards that identify your business, your quality, and your service. Make your business cards sell!

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