Does Your Marketing Pass This 10-Point Test?

Debbie LaChusa

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Good marketing, whatever form it takes, always meets certain criteria. That's what makes it good. The following 10-Point checklist will help you determine if your marketing passes the test. I challenge you to evaluate one of your recent ads, promotions or other marketing activities to see how it measures up.

1) Does it focus on the solution or benefit you provide?

Too often ads simply list product or service features. Don't make your prospects work that hard to figure out how your product or service can help them. Tell them straight out.

2) Does it have one, clear message?

What's the ONE message you want to communicate? Make sure it's not buried in too much information or it may not get across.

3) Is it focused on one, specific group of prospects?

Do you know who you are talking (and marketing) to? Make sure your marketing is targeted at one, specific group of prospects - it's the only way to make sure you are addressing their needs.

4) Is it written in language these prospects can relate to?

If you want your message to resonate with your prospects, make sure it speaks to them, both in content and in the tone and language you use.

5) Does it feature your Unique Selling Proposition?

This is the ONE thing that sets you apart from every other product or service your prospect could possible buy to fulfill the same need. It’s what’s unique, different and valuable about your product or service. It better come across loud and clear in everything you do.

6) Does it have one, compelling point of focus?

Ever see an ad with so many things in it you didn't know where to look first? Your prospects won't know either if you try to cram too much into your ads or promotional materials.

7) Does it accurately communicate your business personality?

Yes, your business has a personality and everything you do should reflect it. You want your prospects to feel like they “know" you. If you change your personality every week, they won't come to know and trust you. And consumer buy from those they know and trust.

8) Does it give prospects more than one reason to respond?

Not everyone is ready to buy, or take the one, primary action you want them to take when they see your ad. Make sure you give them another reason to respond, or they are simply a lost lead.

9) Does it give prospects more than one way to respond?

Make it easy and convenient for prospects to take action. What if you only offer an email or web site address and someone doesn't have computer access, or they're away from their office but they want more information right now? You’ve lost them. Don’t let this happen to you.

10) Do you have a specific objective for the marketing?

If you don't know what your marketing is designed to achieve, then how will you know if it was successful? Always have a plan and an objective for everything you do. That way you can design it to work and measure whether or not it did.

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