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Joe Love

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Many businesses today overlook the importance of business cards as a very powerful marketing weapon. Their business cards contain just a name, company, address and phone number. But smart and savvy marketers know that an effective business card should also contain the company theme and it’s prime benefits.

Business cards are fabulous marketing tools, so make them stand out. For example you could have embossing, full-color, or artwork on your business card. You could also have a fold-over business card where the front has your name, address, and phone number, and when it opens up, it becomes a mini-brochure. People appreciate having the complete information right on one small item along with the convenience of a business card. The important thing to remember is that your business card must convey your identity and the main benefit your product or service delivers.

If you have more than one business, then have a separate business card for each one. Use the back of your business card to list a special offer, such as a special discount or something free.

Business cards are only reminders, if your imagination limits you to that usage. But they also can be very powerful selling tools and marketing vehicles that set you apart from the competition. Don’t worry about the cost, if your business cards can net you a nice profit.

Stay with the standard business card size so that yours fits in a card storage file, wallet, or Rolodex. And use a type face that is clear and easy to read. Be sure to include your business name, your name, your address, phone number, and your email address. If you have a home-based business and don't want to use your home address, then put your post office box on your card.

Although you can have a printer design your card, it is well worth the cost to have a good art director or graphic designer design your cards. Especially if your cards are going to be used at trade shows, in mailings or more than for just randomly handing them out. The feel of good paper stock or the raised lettering of your copy can turn a prospect into a customer.

The prime points to remember in creating a business card are:

* Your business card is a marketing opportunity; so use it.

* Be unique without calling attention to your cleverness.

* Give more information than the usual name, address, and phone number.

* Use the back of your business card for a discount or special offer.

* Invest in a great-looking card if a lot of prospects will see it.

* Don’t be skimpy with passing out your cards. Be generous.

You should always give people two business cards, one for their rolodex and one to pass on to someone else. When you ask people for their business cards, always ask for 3 or 4. Then you can staple two cards in your rolodex. One under the person's name or business name and the other under what they do. For example, you could have sections in your rolodex for writers, designers, programmers, etc. You can then pass the additonal cards on to the appropriate people in your network.

In the communication age of today savvy internet marketers know that there is a whole world of offline businesses. They know that potential customers still read newspapers and magazines. Potential customers still listen to the radio and watch televison. Potential customers still have rolodexes filled with buiness cards.

Many of my clients tell me that their business card is really a mini-brochure, and is one of their single most important marketing tools. I can think of very few marketing tools that are so low in price yet seen by such a high ratio of great prospects. The bottom line is that you should never leave your home or office without a pocket, wallet, or purse full of business cards.

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