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Lost & Found for the 21st Century

Here in the 21st century our lives have become more and more reliant on mobile items. As we go through our days, keeping a mental log of everything we have and where we have it becomes more and more difficult. It is inevitable that some things get lost. In fact as stated in a recent research “Around 62,000 mobile phones were left in London taxis during the last six months. That's an average three phones per taxi, according to a survey of licensed London cabbies by the Taxi Newspaper and Pointsec Mobile Technologies. Absent minded and drunken travellers also forgot 4,000 laptops and 5,000 PDA’s when exiting cabs”.

A new service on the UK market now gives companies a great added incentive to their memberships and offers to gain, and retain new and existing customers. Want it Bak is a lost and found service with a proven concept around the world. Their system provides companies of all types the chance to have that one incentive over their competitors that could make or break a sale.

Their system can protect anything you can imagine, mobile phones, keys, cameras, PDA’s, laptops, binoculars, backpacks, passports, briefcases, wallets and purses, golf clubs, power tools, textbooks, credit cards, cheque books. . . you get the picture. How many of your customers own one or more of those items? Answer: All of them.

How does Want it Bak work? Simple. Your customers adhere a range of security tags each with their own unique id number to their items. They register them with Want it Bak and that’s it. If they ever lose the item and someone finds it they contact Want it Bak directly using their website or their 0800 number and they arrange a courier to pick it up and return it to the owner for a small admin charge.

How much time and money have you spent to gain that customer? The brilliant thing about Want it Bak is that it actually not only works as a great sales incentive but also gives you an 80% chance of retaining that hard earned customer. All those thousands of pounds do not have to go to waste simply because they have lost your branded merchandise.

How much do you think it would be worth to a customer if a company paid attention to a common problem they face and offered a solution? To the customer, far more than the cost to the company. The perceived value that is gained from a company playing an active role in helping their customers is far greater than the cost. Not only do you greatly enhance your profile but you also increase the odds of retaining that customer should the lose their item from you. Again setting yourself apart from your competitors.

Think about it, you can offer it as a stand alone package or Want it Bak can even brand it up so it can be used as a corporate gift.

Chris Cameron, MD of Want it Bak has this to say “this is a fantastic way to really set yourself apart from other companies. By paying an interest in your customer’s pain, companies will gain a unique advantage over their competitors. Companies may not want to acknowledge that this problem occurs but the reality is that it does and everyone knows about it because everyone experiences it in one form or another. It is the companies that help their customers deal with this problem that will stand out from the crowd. ”

One of the best things about this service is the confidential nature of it. The “Finder” never knows who the owner is and vice versa. Reassuring for owners of expensive items, they can now safely retrieve their possessions.

"It's a great incentive for people to do the right thing", says Rob Eberstein from Desktop Life, an advent fan of the Want it Bak system, “Most people are actually honest and the biggest barrier they have to returning items is the hassle of finding out who it belongs to, arranging delivery or pick up, getting the time to drop the item off at the local police station. Now they don't have to do anything except ring Want it Bak or visit their website, and they get a Reward for their troubles. It’s a fantastic system and perfect gift for our customers. "

The “Finders" themselves are offered a basic reward of £10 gift pack of Want it Bak Labels. Additionally the finders may also receive gift vouchers, shop discounts, trial packs and much more. Customers may also offer an optional CASH reward to Finders as a thank you to the person for taking the time to contact Want it Bak.

“This service is invaluable” say Russell Lewis of Chelsea, an actual benefactor having signed up from the start. “A few weeks back while travelling home in a Black Cab I left my portfolio containing vital customer information and demonstration CD-ROMs. It would of taken me weeks, if ever at all, to redo everything. Before the end of the day Want it Bak had taken a call and I had arranged for it to be sent straight back to me. This is an amazing service, it was all so easy. ”

This has to be one of the best incentive ideas to happen this year and needs to be seriously considered by every company to enhance their existing customer service policies. If you want to offer something a little bit different and a completely new that really shows you are interested in your customer you should consider this option from Want it Bak. for more information.


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