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In the last lesson we talked about the importance of leadership in marketing. Let's take a closer look at what that means when you're communicating to your prospects and customers through ads, letters and other marketing collateral.

Magazine ads lose effectiveness after 90 days and the average person forgets 80 per cent of what they've read or seen within 30 minutes. So there are good reasons for prodding and urging every person who reads your ads to take immediate action Friend: They probably won't remember you after a few minutes! You must grab them by the throat (figuratively!) and shake them up a bit! Instill in them a sense of urgency and a sense of pain if they don't respond.

How do we do that? . . . Words.

The power of words.

Don't believe in the power of mere words?

Read the following and monitor your emotions as you read them:

1. I hate you, you filthy scum!

2. The country side is beautiful this time of year.

Words carry with them ideas. Words convey ideas. Pictures do too, but words replayed in your mind create a picture of your own making- not someone else's. That why words are more powerful than pictures. The picture you create in your customer's mind will be a thousand times more compelling than the one they will see in your ad. Pictures can be a support of your copy. But imagine what would happen if you simply put a nice picture in your ad, without any words! You might say, “Well who would be stupid enough to do that?" Take a look at the majority of ads by large, national corporations. You can measure the space devoted to a picture VS the amount of space to copy. Typically it's 60% to 90% picture and just a small space devoted to copy. And then the copy is usually ineffective. When selling anything, paint a picture of the benefits and use of your product WITH WORDS. Lead your customers to your door with the right words that convey ideas that appeal to them!

Tomorrow: How to make a million dollars in one year.

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