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MLM Business Leads, Direct Mail Marketing, Trade Shows, Database Marketing, Postcard Marketing, Network Marketing.
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Computer Rental in Chicago Made Easy for a Trade Show Unionized

 Heather Staub (October 10, 2007)  The history of where you are presenting your trade show could have a 3.4 billion dollar ground breaking presence and revenue like The McCormick Place, in Chicago. The convention center first made history in 1960, and holds at least 75 events each year, yet while exhibiting at a one of these trade shows in Chicago, the details of success are found in budgeting and getting the most out of . (Marketing Direct)

Writing for Direct Mail - Successfully Selling to Increasingly Skeptical Prospects

 Clayton G. Makepeace (September 05, 2007)  Dear Business Builder, I'm so old, I'll betcha my tie has gone in and out of style at least five times. Not that I pay much attention to such things, mind you. My professional life revolves around marketing trends. And there again, my advanced age means I’ve seen many promotional styles go in and out of vogue over the years. Actually, the changes have been a bit more intense .. (Marketing Direct)

How to Become a Freelance Copywriter - The WHOLE Truth

 Clayton G. Makepeace (September 05, 2007)  Every day, I fall down on my one good knee and thank my lucky stars that I stumbled into this copywriting thing. It truly is a spectacular way to make a living. It turned me – a penniless high school dropout - into a millionaire, and it’s doing the same for many other writers I could name. Nevertheless, not everything every online guru tells you is necessarily the gospel .. (Marketing Direct)

Writing Sales Copy - Beating Writer's Block

 Clayton G. Makepeace (September 04, 2007)  I’m sure you’ve been there. You’re sitting down and staring at a blank screen or a blank piece of paper wonder how in the heck you’re going to get started. You’ve got a major case of writer’s block. I know I’ve been there. And, for me, creating an outline’s the best way to do beat the blank page blues. It’s really intimidating and .. (Marketing Direct)

MLM Training Getting New Distributors Started Right

 Dale Calvert (August 31, 2007)  There is a very distinct paradigm shift that must occur for you to transform yourself from a network marketing distributor to a network marketing leader. I call this the MLM Leadership Paradigm Shift. When you first get started in the MLM Industry it is all about you. * Your work Ethic * Your time management skills * Your communications skills * Your lead generation systems And the .. (Marketing Direct)

7 Characteristics of Great Sales Copy

 Clayton G. Makepeace (August 30, 2007)  Most great sales copy has seven features that really distinguish it from run-of-the-mill copy. Feature #1: Great sales copy enters a conversation that your prospect is already having with himself. It begins with headline and opening copy that addresses something that he’s already thinking about or worried about or afraid of or excited about. It’s not about you. It’s . (Marketing Direct)

Self Promotion for Copywriters - How to Attract Clients Who Will Pay You The Big Bucks

 Clayton G. Makepeace (August 30, 2007)  New copywriters write me all the time, asking how to get a high-paying gig. A desperate few just want to know how to get any assignment. Sometimes I have to resist the urge to leap through the computer screen at them. I want to grab ‘em by the shoulders, shake ‘em till their eyes rattle and shout, “Hey - wake up - you're one of the chosen few: You're a COPYWRITER! .. (Marketing Direct)

Making Direct Marketing Really Work

 John Reed (August 25, 2007)  Direct marketing has been a useful tool for marketers for years. Techniques such as, email marketing, infomercials, door to door sales, door knob hangers and a host of others have been used with a wide range of varying success. Typically the employers of these techniques are after one thing. That is to make a sell by putting the opportunity to purchase right in front of the potential .. (Marketing Direct)

Your Questions Answered on How to Become a Copywriter

 Clayton G. Makepeace (August 23, 2007)  The other day, Stephen Davies of The Copywriter's Institute called to ask me a bunch of questions that beginning copywriters most often ask me. And because they’re the same questions many of you send to our feedback box daily, I figure the answers will be helpful for you too. Stephen Davies: Clayton, how did you get started writing sales copy? Would you advise others to take the .. (Marketing Direct)

Writing for Direct Mail - The Astonishing Power of Guilt and Absolution

 Clayton G. Makepeace (August 23, 2007)  I tell folks I live so far up in the boonies, my Zip code is E-I-E-I-O. We’re in North Carolina, which was named in honor of England’s King Charles I … about 30 miles west of Asheville, which was named in honor of Governor Samuel Ashe. Asheville is located on the beautiful, curvaceous French Broad river, which I’m pretty sure was named in honor of Brigitte Bardot. .. (Marketing Direct)

Writing Sales Copy - How to Navigate the Body Copy Minefield Without Getting Blown To Bits

 Clayton G. Makepeace (August 22, 2007)  OK - so you've written the best headline and lead copy ever . That’s great, but there's a ton more stuff that needs doing after you've seized your prospect's attention. Important stuff - like juicing up your product's benefits . . . proving your case . . . presenting your offer . . . relieving risk . . . selling the heck out of your premiums . . . asking for the sale . . . .. (Marketing Direct)

Direct Marketing Internet Business - The Future Of Great Wealth

 Vern How Chan (August 18, 2007)  There are approximately 6.4 Billion people on earth. Even in Asia where more than half of the worlds population resides; at least 1 in every 3 homes have a personal computer installed. Not to mention the Internet. This marks the beginning of the direct marketing Internet business era. Very conveniently I glanced at my dictionary and found juicy bit for you. Direct marketing means, .. (Marketing Direct)

Traditional Direct Marketing vs Permission Based Marketing

 Sarah Manners (August 14, 2007)  When Seth Godin, acclaimed author of “Permission Marketing” declared that traditional advertising, in which he included direct marketing, just isn’t as effective as it used to be he set a train of thought in motion that was to rock the direct marketing landscape forever. Then and Now Before we take a look at what has come out of this school of thought let’s take . (Marketing Direct)

ITV Ventures Review - Honest Money Making Opportunity Or Scam?

 Vern How Chan (August 08, 2007)  Do you realize that there are many more infomercials today as compared to 10 years ago? When you look at the television the commercials are aired in such a way to engage the viewer in their ‘wants’. My goal is to help you get the logical side before investing your hard earned cash into ITV Ventures. We will go through the very basics of the ITV Ventures opportunity right .. (Marketing Direct)

How To Encourage Customers To Give Testimonials

 Brian McElroy (July 29, 2007)  Testimonials can sure help boost business and close sales. But encouraging customers to share their comments with you can be challenging at times. To help, here are some tips. 1) People are in a hurry and want to fill in blanks and go. So provide some. Write a brief message telling your customer that you need feedback and why. Don’t be afraid to get creative, either, and say .. (Marketing Direct)

Instant Cash Now - In 5 Super Simple Steps

 Vern How Chan (July 29, 2007)  How did you end up here reading this article? Probably it's because you were doing a search over the net. Trying to find ways to make instant cash now and not later. Besides, who the heck wants to do weeks of research when you can get all the golden eggs in one sitting. Not one of these naysayers out there in the American corporate world will say that you can really make instant cash .. (Marketing Direct)

Wholesale Canadian Diamonds History

 Marc Simard (July 20, 2007)  Information on Canadian Diamonds Diamond exploration in Canada began close to the early 1960s, although major discoveries were not made until not far 1980. It was in 1991 that the first ever economic diamond deposit was found out in Canada, in the Lac de Gras area of the Northwest Territories. We continuously hear about diamonds coming from various parts of the world, mostly eastern .. (Marketing Direct)

Copywriting Reflections-Exploring the Mind of Your Prospects in Your Sales Letter

 Uzo Onukwugha (July 01, 2007)  Just thinking about copywriting mindset of prospects. “Reflecting on the thought pattern behind the letter pattern. " What is the buying psychology and thinking behind the mind of a prospect when the copywriter presents his offer through an advertising sales copy? What make people buy is a pre-existing need. All things being equal, people buy when the need arises. Your copywriting . (Marketing Direct)

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