IT Marketing: The Benefits of Direct Mail Postcards

Joshua Feinberg

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The great advantage to using direct mail postcards is you don't have to worry that they'll get tossed in the trash without being read. They are already opened. Additionally, postcards are less expensive than other types of direct mail thereby saving on your IT marketing budget. In this article, you'll learn how to make your direct mail postcards work best for your business.

IT Marketing: Keep it Targeted

Don't send the same message to a couple thousand small businesses in your area and hope that you're going to hit one of their hot buttons. Instead, target a specific group. If you have a lot of expertise with accounting offices, do something that speaks to the hot buttons of a partner or an office manager in an accounting office. Whatever it is, come up with something targeted that makes them realize that you have expertise in their area.

Postcards Build “Relationship” IT Marketing

The goal with direct mail is not trying to close the sale. You will not be able to get them to install a $25,000 client server network all because of a direct mail postcard. It takes time for these relationships to evolve.

The goal with the IT marketing postcards should be to generate a response. You want them to raise their hand and say yes, I'm interested. Once they have, you can focus your energy and your resources on courting the best opportunities that are there.

What's the next step you want to drive them to with the direct mail postcard? Try seminars where you're getting a group of people together who have expressed some interest in hearing what you have to say. Another much simpler thing to do it is offer something like a free report or a free needs analysis.

IT Marketing: Time is of the Essence

Have some kind of urgency factor, otherwise you may find people take your postcard and just file it away for six months or for a rainy day and never act on it. The goal is to get people to like, know and trust you, and the best way to do this is one-on-one contact or one-to-group contact where they can see you in person and experience what it's like to work with you.

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Design Direct Mail Postcards Back-to-Front to Boost Response Rates
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