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EDDM Every Door Direct Mail Requirements overview


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Thanks to the new EDDM program which was created by USPS, you can send direct mail without needing any kind of mailing lists. How is this possible you might be asking? Well, it is very simple because the mail delivery is being done by the post office through the mail routes you choose, and like this, each household in one mail route will receive your direct mail, right to the doorstep.

However, it is not as simple as it sounds as there are some basic EDDM requirements that need to be met and about which we will be talking here. Thanks to EDDM, direct mail is less costly for local business. The basic EDDM requirements that have to be met in order to qualify for the EDDM mailing program include the size of the mail piece and the number of mail pieces. As the EDDM requirements say, the mail pieces need to be flat and that means that they should be more than 11 inches long and more than 6.125 inches high and more than 0.25 inches thick.

Other EDDM requirement says that there should be minimum 200 mal pieces sent per day in order to qualify for the program and maximum of 5000 mail pieces.

As you can see, there are no many EDDM requirements and they are all easy to understand and to follow. The only thing that you should take care of is creating attractive mail pieces as the main way of communication between you and your new potential client.

Mail pieces can be sent to inform about new products or services, but they can be sent for many other reasons. Here are just some ideas: offers of coupons for discount, coupons for free samples, invitations for grand opening, announcements for different events, and similar.

As one of the most important EDDM requirements is targeting a specific geographic area there is no need for individual names of recipients. Thanks to the EDDM program, you can target a new market without address lists, send local mailings, build more traffic towards your business, get new clients, reduce the costs of mail preparation, etc. The truth is that a lot of businesses can benefit from using this program: contractors, dry cleaners, doctors, lawyers, business services, auto dealerships, retailers, restaurants, etc.

There are actually two types of EDDM each with its specific EDDM requirements. For small and medium businesses there is the EDDM Retail program and for larger companies it is the EDDM BMEU. For businesses that don’t plan to send more than 5000 mail pieces per day, EDDM Retail will work just fine. However, if you are a company that is trying to cover a bigger market, then there are some BMEU EDDM requirements that need to be met, and one of them is the annual fee of $190.

For EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail ) Retail program there are no annual brochure printing fees or any other charges.


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