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The Pros and Cons of Using Brochure Templates


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Brochure templates are a great way to design your own brochures for your business. If you have an offset printer in your home or your office, you can do the necessary job without hiring the services of professional brochure printers. However, there is always a difference when you do your brochures on your own as compared to having them done by the Pro’s. This is the common problem for the premade templates that are available online and for various design software. So before settling for templates, you must know the pros and cons of using them in order to help you decide on whether they will or will not work for you.


• Templates can save your precious time. Because they are already pre-layouts, all you have to do is put the necessary photos and information in the right boxes and there it is you are done with the layout of your brochure. Aside from saving the time you spend in lay-outing, you also save time from looking for an artist to do the brochure design for you.

• Templates are easy to use. You do not need to have formal training and knowledge about other computer software in order to use a template. You simply have to put the text and photos in the boxes of your chosen template and you can already see how the finish product will look like.

• They are cheaper to use. Hiring a professional graphic artist can cost a lot. Aside from the professional fee that you need to pay, you also pay for your fare and sometimes your food every time you schedule a meeting to discuss your brochure details.


• Brochure templates limit your creativity. The predesigned layouts do not allow you to explore other options that you can do to make your brochure more interesting. They are easier but not necessarily better.

• Since you can use them over and over and since they are not only made available especially for you, chances are, your brochures turn out to be lacking in originality. The template you use may be the same template used by the other companies. Likewise, when you are already on your nth project, you might overlook that you already used the same template for another project.

If you want a unique and interesting brochure to offer to your prospective clients, using templates from various design software may not be for you. However, if you still want to make your own, you can use guide templates instead. Guide templates are templates that are provided by your printers. They provide a more elaborate design you can use. They work just the same as the conventional templates that you can find so they are easy to use as well. But again, you cannot discount the fact that in one way or another, you will find someone who used the same layout just like yours.

So before deciding to use brochure templates, think about the pros and the cons. If it is okay with you to use one that has already been used by other companies, then templates may be for you.

Otherwise, you may need the 11x17 brochure printing services of a brochure printing graphic designer and a professional brochure printer to meet your brochure tempaltes pros on demands.


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