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Going for Two Color Brochures


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Two colour brochures is a common choice for both the minimalist and the one working on minimum budget. However, some of these projects appear to be more successful in bringing the message and the information to its target audience than those that are printed in full colour schemes. One of the reasons is because they are more relaxing and easy to the eyes because they avoid the confusion brought about by the different schemes.

White is the most common base used for this kind of layout. The texts are then either written in black or another hue and the photos are often in monochromatic schemes. Meaning the photos can be grey scaled, sepia, blue or green in colour. However, if you want it to be more striking, using black for the base is a good option. After that, you can have the texts depending on the colour you like and the photos depending on the monochromatic scheme of your choice.

Apart from the classic black and white, you can also use the colour of your choice for the base of the brochure. Complementary colours work best with each other because of the high but good contrast they create against each colour. If you are working with yellow, the colour that complements it would be violet. But, you do not have to settle for yellow and violet because you can work with their different shades depending on your choice. You can either choose the lighter shades of yellow or the darker hues of violet. Other colours that complement each other are orange and blue and red and green.

If you have a colour for your company, you can also use this and simply pair it with another hue that would complement it. Otherwise, you can use black or white just the same. Hot pink is one of the latest trends when it comes to the colour of different products available in the market nowadays. Launching a product with this colour and making use of it in your brochure will definitely catch the attention of consumers. Therefore, in going for two colours brochure, it means that you do not have to settle for the stereotype because a little funk will create magic.

Brochures do not have to be very colourful in order to catch the attention of consumers and inform your potential clients about your products and services. Unless your actual product is really colourful, then you might need to settle for full colour printing. Otherwise, you can settle for that which needs minimal requirements. You will be surprised that they will come out to be more elegant and formal looking when finished. makes sure that the texts are well written, in clear fonts and in colours that can be easily seen against the background.

The most important thing that you need to consider when having your brochure printing is the fact that you need to get the message straight to your buyers. Therefore, whether you are using two colour brochures or full coloured vinyl banners .


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