The Fundraising Letter PS: 25 Powerful Things To Say There (Includes Examples & Samples)

Alan Sharpe

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Donors read postscripts. This is a sad but important reality in fundraising. Sad because the PS is stupid and belongs in another millennium. In this age of word processors, no one needs to add a PS anymore. But important because a donor reading a PS is a donor looking for information. And that’s your opportunity.

According to direct mail consultant Allyn Kramer, there are five “hot spots” in your direct mail packages where readers look first. Here they are, in order:

1. Outside envelope
2. Brochure headline
3. Inside address (who the letter is going to)
4. Signature line (who the letter is from)
5. Postscript

Since the PS is one part of your letter that you can be confident your donors will read, you need to write something there that will motivate your donor to send you a gift or take your desired action. Here are some ideas.

  1. Re-phrase your ask in a new way
  2. Reiterate the deadline for the member’s gift, if there is one
  3. Point the donor to your website to make an online donation
  4. Invite donors to refer you to a friend who may support your organization
  5. Invite the donor to complete the enclosed reply card and envelope
  6. Remind donors that their gifts are tax deductible
  7. Invite the donor to join your monthly giving program
  8. Repeat your case for support in a fresh way
  9. Include a brief and uplifting story that demonstrates that your supporter’s gift will make an immediate difference
  10. Invite donors to upgrade their gift
  11. Offer a free guide on writing a will or making a bequest to your organization, sent to all who send a gift
  12. Draw your reader’s attention to a section in your enclosed brochure that illustrates your current need and encourages a gift
  13. Break down the ask into daily amounts (“Your gift of £15 works out to just 50 pence a day”)
  14. Invite readers to visit your website to complete a survey (and ask for the gift again there)
  15. Give your phone number or email address and invite the donor to contact you with any questions
  16. Explain what will happen if you do not receive sufficient funding (without spreading fear and without making your donor feel guilty)
  17. Thank your members for their ongoing support
  18. Add a personal note about why you are so passionate about this particular ask-and why you need the donor to send a gift today
  19. Remind the member about the freemium you’ve enclosed (mailing labels, for example)
  20. Re-state the size of gift you are requesting
  21. Explain that supporters can make a donation using their credit cards
  22. Remind donors of your goal for this campaign
  23. If you are well into your campaign, tell donors how close you are to reaching your goal-their gift right now will get you even closer
  24. Tell the donor how much their continued support means to you personally
  25. Name one of the people your donor’s gift will help (“Children like Samantha need your help. And so do we. ”)

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Alan Sharpe is a professional fundraising letter writer, instructor and mentor who helps non-profit organizations raise funds, build relationships and retain loyal donors using creative fundraising letters. Learn more about his services, view free sample fundraising letters , and sign up for free weekly tips like this at .


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