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Create a Compelling Call to Action


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You've done the hard work for your direct mail campaign: you've designed attractive graphics and used eye-catching photos; your brochure and booklets answer people's questions in a logical order; and your copywriting is top-notch, loaded with benefits.

Now you lie in wait for the phones to start ringing and a flood of people to come crashing through your door. You lie in wait some more. And wait a little more. No one's coming through your door. What gives?

Evaluate your call to action. Many copywriters and business owners focus on the meat of the brochure or flyer and then rush through the end - your contact info, your call to action - it all comes at the end of your marketing materials so you don't spend as much time on them. Therein lies the classic mistake: not having a motivating call to action.

Here are some ideas on how to create a call to action that will have your customers running to get to your store.

Set a deadline
People are busy these days. They have 25 hours worth of stuff to take care of in a day. They might see your brochure or flyer in the mail and set it aside, fully intending to take advantage of your offer. But, they see no deadline, so there's no rush. What becomes a good intention gets forgotten.

Fight people's urge to set your direct mail piece aside for later by including a deadline on your offer. You can either use a cutoff date for a sale or you can use a deadline to promote a free item or upgrade. You'll still have the goods, but people just won't get that something extra.

Let them know the price is going up
This is similar to the deadline tactic, but instead of setting a deadline on a discount, you're letting people know how much longer they can get a deal before the price increases. People will want to know about a price increase so they can take advantage of the price now. It's kind of like a backwards sale - the price is increasing soon, not going down, so people want to get it now.

Offer a free gift
People like getting something for nothing. Entice people to be the first to order a product by offering a free gift to the first 100 or X amount of people to order.

Offer a free trial period
People like to try out things that are new to them with no obligations. By offering a free trial period to use your product, you'll get more people willing to take the risk of using your product. A free trial period makes a purchase less risky.

Offer an upgrade
Again, people like getting things for free and an upgrade is like getting better features for free. A simple phrase like “Call now for a free upgrade" can work wonders for your direct mail campaign.

Offer free accessories or supplies
Make sure whatever you are “throwing in" to sweeten the deal is needed or at least makes logical sense. A computer that comes with a free printer is much more valuable to a computer buyer than a computer that comes with a free radio. Use cheap booklet printing to print several booklets that include accessories that are in a similar price range and let your customer choose what kind of accessory he'd rather have if you aren't sure what to offer.

Demand action
Don't ask people to please take the time to call you now. Tell them to call you now. Use command statements, not request statements. “Call now" is a better motivator than “Will you call us at your convenience?"

By including a great offer with a deadline in your commanding call to action, your phone will be ringing off the hook!

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The Call To Action - What Is It And How You Can Use It To Improve Your Marketing
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