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Which Came First? The Phone Or the Telemarketer? A History of Telemarketing


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Just about everyone in America has at one point received a telemarketing call, but few people stop to wonder about the history of these calls. In fact, telemarketing is relatively new approach to an age-old profession: advertising. Popularized in the 1970's, telemarketing has both generated a large number of caller complaints as well as served as a highly effective way to getting information about products and services across the nation.

Although it is difficult to pinpoint an exact date, many believe that telemarketing first began in the 1950's with the DialAmerica Marketing Campaign, which quickly grew into one of the most successful telemarketing companies. In 1976, after the spin-off company was sold, it paved the way for the campaigns and large scale organization that today characterize telemarketing.

With the popularity of telemarketing also came a backlash from phone customers who demanded a Do-Not-Call registry among other protective services. As the number of caller complaints increased, eventually the government responded with the first telephone protection act, which required companies to keep personal Do-Not-Call registries that customers could request to be added to. Much later, the national Do-Not-Call registry was created.

Today there are caller complaint websites that allow the user to perform a reverse phone search to find out more about a telemarketer , in addition to adding a number to the caller complaint blacklist log. Resources like reverse phone searches allow you to access valuable information about telemarketing companies quickly and easily, which is the first step in reporting or otherwise stopping such callers.

Dwayne is an old consumer advocate who has way too much time on his hands (the wife says) so he rants to his audience on Ezine Articles.


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