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Postcard Printing and Mailing Services Ideas on Appropriateness and Sensitivity


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Creativity goes a long long way. It enables you to make original concepts and brilliant copy for your advertisements, marketing campaigns and so on. It also allows you to come up with refreshing and bold ideas - all ideal for direct mail postcard printing and mailing service.

Creativity comes in many forms. It makes itself apparent in comedic or humorous copy and concepts. Imagination also allows us to use analogy and subtlety in order to drive home certain points and concepts. To be more specific, look at the way we attribute and combine pretty girls and sports cars in order to sell these hot rods.

Sometimes, the lines become blurry when coming up with ideas for your advertisements, campaigns, and even as small as taglines. You have to decide whether being original is worth risking for a copy that is a rash bit insensitive. Sometimes too, you would have too choose between going a “sex sells" ad just so you could have an advertisement to show for instead of nothing?

Choosing the Right Elements for Your Ads

It rarely matters whether you are sending out your advertisements in mail or just posting them out in the street. It doesn't matter too whether you are choosing to print them in flyers, posters, catalogs and postcards. What matter is what your print ads contain.

Here are some points to consider and ponder if you want a print ad that will appeal to all audiences, no matter the race, age, or religion.

1. Consider your language

If you are looking at a general American audience, then you would have to use words that would not exclude certain groups or individuals. Do not use terms that are loaded with negative connotations that would cause harm or offense to your readers.

2. Make it Child-Friendly

Use images that would concentrate on defining your message, delivering your idea and the value your brand and company possesses. Do not inadvertently sell copy that would be improper for children to see if you are targeting a general audience and not a strictly adult one. Violence and explicit adult material should altogether be avoided.

3. Balance Your Pictures

Even a harmless picture of a group of people can communicate certain things. Unless you are promoting an exclusive male or female gym or membership, remember to balance your pictures by including men and women. And of course, include people of origins and not just of Caucasian descent. In this manner, you are also communicating that you appreciate everyone and that everyone is welcome to your establishment.

4. Euphemism

There are certain businesses and products whose product description carries quite a negative connotation. In order to sound more positive, use euphemism that would ably translate your meaning into more pleasant sounding ones.

5. Avoid Multiple Meanings

Using puns is a form of creative expression. However, do not let it get out of hand by producing too many meanings that may lead to multiple interpretations. Too many meanings may make the message unclear.

So observe these for you ads be it for postcard printing and mailing service campaigns, large format prints, and more. Make it short, sweet and concise and make your message read right.

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