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Tackling Trade Show Giveaways The Right Way


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Take a stroll through any trade show event and what you'll see are rows upon rows of businesses handing out giveaway items to promote themselves. And it's of course true that everyone attending these events does indeed enjoy receiving a free gift or two, or three, or even more -which is usually the case- from these businesses. Free anything is always appealing and draws in a crowd. And giving gifts, especially in a promotional sense, creates a trust, a bond and even establishes an overall favorable impression. Giveaway gifts, if not poorly selected can build relationships, communicate a message, act as incentive or even spur targeted awareness. Yet, as a sad truth, most giveaway items lack doing any of the aforementioned as they are issued in a rush and prove most ineffective.

There are ways to go about avoiding ineffective and deficient methods in the trade show giveaway scenarios, especially when preparing beforehand. Consider the following tips and tricks below to better tackle trade show giveaways the right way.

Have Your Audience Defined - Outline Your Goals

By having a focused goal or overall aim for your next trade show giveaway item you will assist yourself in deciding just who should receive your selected giveaway items. Through knowing ahead of time who you'll be giving gifts away to, you'll be directly assigning an audience to distribute your giveaways to. With specific targets in mind, take into consideration the possibility of classifying your audience; consider having a range of different gifts for your various visitors. It might be a very wise plan to prepare different gifts -in terms of varying quality- between key customers, business prospects and general, usual booth wanderers.

What do you want to get out of your premium giveaway time? What do you want your item to achieve for you business? Keep in mind here that what you're trying to do is communicate an evocative message, motivate a prospect to take an action and promote your business, but most importantly - gain recognition!

Finding Just The Right Item Is Finding Trade Show Success

There are many giveaway items out there, yet you must select the one(s) that will best suit your intended purpose for the trade show. To choose just the right item, decide on your primary objective. Know what you want your item to do once disseminated. Are you aiming for your giveaway item to parallel a theme, educate or convey a particular message to your audience? Keep in mind that selecting a perfect giveaway item is a process best conducted with an air of patience and planning. When rushed and picked too quickly giveaway items can turn out most useless. The key is to take your time here.

Set A Qualifying Rubric For Selected Giveaway Items

The last thing you want after selecting and purchasing a slew of giveaway items is to give them away to individuals at trade shows who just merely passing by and are uninterested in your business, but more so your giveaway item. To avoid this, make your visitors qualify for your giveaway items. There are many ways to arrange this. Give away your premium items as a thank you or mere reward for individuals who participate in a drawing, presentation or contest. Or, if a prospect approaches your both and provides specific inquires about qualifying information, then this would also be a suitable time to provide a giveaway item, if not just out of sheer appreciation.

When actually handing our your custom promotional products to qualified leads do it with confidence. By possessing and spreading your personalized products to the right individuals you'll already be leaving your company's mark.


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